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The habit series: the cardiac physiologist

Habits. When done right, they can become the secret to hacking fitness and reaching goals. We talked to four people with (incredibly) busy lives on how they run regularly through the power of habit.

KOJO KYEREME - cardiac physiologist, London


Kojo Kyereme is a 42 year old cardiac physiologist that has been running competitively for 32 years – firstly as a sprinter, then marathon runner. Despite working full time in a busy hospital located in the heart of London, Kojo still manages to run 10-16miles (16-25km) most days – AND is father to two young girls. We talked with him about how he manages to balance family, work and fitness with the same 24 hours as the rest of us.


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Thanks for your time Kojo. Let's start with what an average week looks like for you?


Monday to Friday I arise at 5:45am begin running at 6am (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with the 6am club). I run approx 10 miles before doing one school run and then catching the train to work. During school holidays I'll run to work instead of taking the train. I generally work between 9-5 in a busy Cardiac Department. I often run approx 6 miles on way home, before eating with the family. Weekends comprises of family pursuits with training fitted in between. Sundays often being long run days if not done in week on way to work.



What got you to this point/what was the catalyst to kick off your dedication to fitness?

Since family and working life began my training has always been wrapped around this. My dedication to running began at the age of 10. I realised I was good at it and opened up opportunities to travel and meet new people.

We’re talking a lot about habits at On – what are a few of your good habits that got you to this point in your fitness?


Listening to my body when tired to ensure good recovery. Minimal alcohol consumption and very few late nights with early beds! As a family we all go to bed at the same time 9-930pm. I also keep a training diary so I can track my progress and maintain a good level of training.



What have you had to give up to make your habits happen?

In my 20s nightclubbing and going to pubs – and now, laying in with my wife in the mornings! 


How do you achieve so much with only 24 hours in a day?


I plan and time manage appropriately. And have the support of my family.



What was the moment you knew your habits had paid off? Tell us about it.


When I was 19 I was offered a scholarship to study in America - secondly winning my 1st Great Briton vest at the age of 30. Paid off again when I won once again an England vest at the age of 41.



Would you say fitness goals for you are better achieved solo or as part of a team?

The majority of my goals have been achieved through self motivation however upon late running with the 6am club has enabled me to achieve goals at a higher level.



Many people use new years as a chance for new habits – were there any on your list this year? (e.g. change diet, run to work vs train etc).


To do more core stability exercises - simple!



And what are you training for next?

Spring marathon – that’s what I have my sights set on at the moment, so preparing for that.


Finally, what advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?


Do what works and is right for you and that you have a lot of support around you. I find the surrounding myself with positive people like those in my 6am club makes the world of difference.