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The Power of Pause – our new apparel collection to recover, refuel, rebuild.

Recovery is the single most important part of any training program. And as athletes, we all have a unique way of pausing. That’s why our apparel is designed for comfort, versatility and performance before, after and in-between the action.


Both science and our own bodies keep telling us: leading an active lifestyle benefits us greatly. It rejuvenates our spirits, boosts our social life and keeps us healthy in the long run. But as beneficial the exercise part of an active lifestyle is, don’t underestimate the magnitude of rest. Studies show how it’s sometimes neglected (or even antagonized) as we indulge in our busy lifestyles – now it’s time to flip that switch and embrace the strength we gain from resting after activity. 


Harness the power of pause with high-performance gear from our FW21 apparel collection. Swiss-engineered for action, recovery and relaxation. 


Episode 1: Post Workout 


The Active Shorts
From running to workouts, these two-in-one shorts are perfect for performers who want to double down on training.
The Performance-T
The performance running T-shirt for racing. Reduced to the max, it balances ultralight protection with breathability and freedom.
The Active Pants
Combine leisure time comfort with a classic look you can wear just about anywhere.


Episode 2: Rest Day


The fully-adjustable, relaxed-fit Parka for weather protection in all seasons.
The Climate Jacket
Multi-purpose protection for multi-activity adventures. The Climate Jacket offers comfort and warmth for a wide range of conditions.


Episode 3:  Pre Workout


The Crew Neck
A super-soft wardrobe essential with next-level comfort and fit.
The On-T
The performance t-shirt for all-day wear.

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