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The Lowdown of Life as an On Ambassador

Running is always more fun with a friend, but what if you had an entire team pushing you forwards? Find out what it's like to be part of the R/O/C Crew from three of our ambassadors and apply today.


What do a long distance runner, a triathlete and an On superfan have in common? Simple – the R/O/C Crew. 


That means they’re all members of our official support squad, our on-the-ground source, helping introduce On at local events and to local communities. They’re part of an all-inclusive global community with one goal in mind: to be Never Not On by wearing, sharing and experiencing the On Spirit. And you can be too. 


Read on to find out more about what becoming an On Ambassador means to Eliza Crawford, Reggie Harrison and Katrin Meyer and let their stories inspire you to join the Crew.



What's the best part about being a member of the R/O/C Crew?

I use running as a way to connect with people. Whether you've been running for decades or just starting out, it's a way to build relationships. Being part of the R/O/C Crew gives me a wider reach into my community and is a great conversation starter when traveling.


When you first saw an On shoe, what did you think?

I thought the Cloudflow was super rad and fast looking. It took a lot of self-control not to buy them on the spot. [After trying them] they very quickly went from my alternate shoe to the only brand I run in. 


The Cloudflow
The record-breaking shoe loved by elite athletes. Now refined with their input. More Comfort. More Kick. More Speed. Shortcut to runner's high.


Roger Federer just joined On, would you stand in front of one of his 130mph serves?

How could you not try?! But I must admit, I'm rather uncoordinated... there's a reason I'm an endurance athlete. 


Favorite On shoe?

I can't pick just one! The Cloudswift for training runs. The Cloudflow for racing. And the white Cloud X with the black tongue for daily wear. It's such a good looking shoe!


The Cloud X
Built for mixed-sport workouts and runs. This lightweight powerhouse is the adaptable all-rounder that works in- and outdoors.
See the Shoe


What's the best part about being a member of the R/O/C Crew? 

I'm not a paid rep, so I get to advocate for a brand and product I truly believe in with no strings attached. People take their gear choices seriously, and I love introducing people to a brand I've come to genuinely appreciate.


What's your favorite memory as a R/O/C Crew Ambassador? 

A close friend was able to re-commit to a fitness routine because, for the first time in years, she said she didn't have foot pain. She thanked me for suggesting a shoe (the Cloudflow FTW!) she may have never been pushed to try. Real person, real quality of life impact. Can't beat that.


How does On prepare you for your race? 

Not having to worry if I'll be uncomfortable in my gear – shoes too tight, chafing in my shorts, shirt wet with sweat or too hot – allows me to focus on the real task at hand: getting through the burn!


The Performance-T
Available in both men’s and women’s, this is a T stripped back and ready to race. Ultralight protection combines with high-tech fabrics and taped seams. All of this, and it still looks great. Moisture-wicking, fast drying fabrics mean they’ll even come home relatively fresh.
See the T


We just celebrated our 10th anniversary. Where do you think On will be in 10 years time? 

The way word is spreading like wildfire and people from all walks of life are giving the brand a shot, I see it being pretty popular: from elite athletes who want the performance to weekend warriors who just want to look good. 



Tell us your favorite memory as a R/O/C Crew Ambassador?

The first evening we spent together. When our little welcome dinner became a spontaneous street party and the former strangers turned into new friends.


When you first saw an On shoe, what did you think?

Honestly, I wasn‘t sure if I'd like the different design of the sole. But I was curious about how it would feel to run in these shoes, and every time I saw the shoes again, I fell more and more in love. [My first On] was the Cloudflow. It fitted perfectly, looked great and really felt like running on clouds!

And then, the Cloudflash killed it!  


The Cloudflash
The explosive racing shoe for when every second matters.
See the details


On just celebrated their 10-year anniversary. Where do you think On will be in 10 years time?

On will keep its spirit as a brand who wants to go different ways. A brand, who has a great community all around the world and who still teases the big global brands.


What’s the best part about being a member of the R/O/C Crew?

To be surrounded by inspiring people, who do what they love and who chase their dreams.


Apply Today


By joining the R/O/C Crew, you’ll be experiencing new On products, promoting us on- and offline, bringing On to life by wearing our gear at local events, sharing the experience with your community and becoming a true source of inspiration to On. 


Want to be part of the fun? Everybody is welcome, so take this chance and apply to become part of the R/O/C Crew today. Applications close February 06.


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