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The Best Gifts for Runners: On’s Ultimate Guide

Runners come in all shapes, all sizes, and with all kinds of goals that need supporting. Choose the right gift for the runner in your life, and you might just make all the difference.


Every Runner. Every Condition. Every Goal.


We know performance engineering. We have a clear vision for design. We know the science behind the tech that has revolutionized running. But only you can choose what gift the rookie runner or relentless athlete in your life needs to push on, go further and hit their goals in 2023.


To help you make the right choice, we split this guide between different styles and levels of running. From pain-ignoring, screaming-across-the-finish-line race and marathon shoes to essentials for those who are just getting started, we’ve got a wide range of runners covered.



Running Gift Ideas That Go Further


As you’d expect, our Swiss-engineered shoes make up a big portion of this 2023 gift guide for runners. From shoes for record-breaking long-distance runners to those for regular gym goers, we’ve got what every foot needs.


But it’s not just about shoes – we’ve also got performance accessories and running apparel gift ideas, including high-performance socks and running jackets that make heading out into bad weather a whole lot more enjoyable.


Along the way, we included some reviews from runners around the world, so that you can get a taste of the reaction you get when you give the gift of running on clouds.  



Gifts for Marathon and Distance Runners


Maybe your partner checks off a new marathon every year. Or your friend is aiming to run their first-ever 26-mile race next summer. Or your health-conscious dad has told the whole family he’s now deep into ultramarathons. 


Whatever drives them on, these gifts for long-distance road runners and endurance athletes will support their passion with some serious Swiss engineering.   


The Cloudflow
It's light. It's fast. It's won more medals than any other On shoe. It's the Cloudflow and it's the shortcut to runner's high. Perfect for training and racing. Or looking cool during downtime.
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"This is my 4th pair of On shoes and there is just not a company out there with the comfort, longevity, and long-term quality consistency of On."


(activity: running; typical distance: over 40km; location: Boulder, CO)


The Lightweight Cap
Featherlight but as tough as it is hard-working, this performance cap is made to go further, and faster. Precise laser cut details offer head-cooling ventilation. The ultra-soft sweatband and clip-pull sizing create next-level comfort. From intense sunshine to unexpected downpours, this cap is ready for it all.
Discover the Lightweight Cap


"I've been wearing this hat for everything: from indoor cycling, to out on the trails during heavy miles… Super lightweight, dries amazingly fast, and looks super sleek."


(activity: mixed-sports training; typical distance: Over 40km; location: Phoenix, AZ)



Gifts for Regular Runners


Whether it’s runs through city streets to get to work, weekend trail runs through the local forest, or treadmill runs built into a lunchtime gym routine, some people just love to keep moving. And every committed runner can use some extra support and inspiration. Gift them a burst of motivation for 2023.


The Cloud X
Ultralight, ultra-reactive, made to crush runs. Get everything you need to level up your run.
Discover the Cloud X


"My go-to for the gym. They offer great support for front to back and side to side mixed cardio movements. No slippage with these shoes, plus my feet feel secure and locked down."


(activity: mixed-sports training; typical distance: 0-20km; location: Missouri)


Weather Jacket
Run on clouds, whatever the weather. Ultralight and made with high-tech Japanese fabrics, this is the ultimate companion for wild runs.
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"A little drizzle, a little wind is no problem. The jacket dries very quickly, and I don't overheat in it when I'm running."

Emma Jane

(activity: running; typical distance: Over 40km; location: Somerset, UK)


The Tights Long
Extra soft, super stretchy, high-waisted – these tights for men or women were designed with a runner’s movements in mind. Precise reflective patterning offers extra safety at night. And the wide waistband and high-quality fabric make them a great option for any active occasion.
Discover the Tight Long


"Got a couple pair of these and they keep my cards and keys (with a lanyard) well in place. They also look really good."


(activity: running; typical distance: Over 40km; location: Lexington, SC)


Conquer concrete in the all-new Cloudswift. Light and agile but with Helion™ superfoam helping to absorb heavy impacts and protect you from the tough surfaces. The upper is designed for total comfort and security, Swiss engineered to fit like your favorite socks.
Learn more


"I’m 58 and have been an athlete all my life. This is the best shoe I’ve ever been fortunate enough to slip on my feet. Comfort, stability, performance, quality. Perfection."


(activity: mixed-sports training; typical distance: 0-20km; location: Tucson, AZ)



Best Gifts for New or Beginner Runners


Is your partner or friend aiming for a “new year, new you” kind of 2023? Or did they start running already but need an extra boost to help them hit new heights?


From short runs with the dog to hitting their first-ever 10k, these gifts for new runners might just help them change their life for the better.


The performance running T-shirt for racing. Reduced to the max, it balances ultralight protection with breathability and freedom.
Discover the Performance-T
Cloudflyer 4
Supreme support and cushioning to support your running goals. The lightweight and reinforced mesh upper supports tired feet, with zoned ventilation to keep the air flowing – mile after mile.
Discover the support of the Cloudflyer 4


"Wore these today for the first time and love them just as much as my previous pair. They fit well and look great."


(activity: mixed-sports training; typical distance: 0-20km; location: UK)


Performance Running Socks
High socks for coverage and warmth. Low socks for coolness and speed. Mid-height socks for the perfect balance. Whatever you choose, you get lightweight protection, temperature balance, and a snug fit (meaning less slippage).
Discover the Performance Running Socks


"Been having blister trouble with other socks recently but not since getting these socks! Nice and comfy and well fitting. Look good too."


(activity: running; typical distance: 20-40km; location: Thornleigh, UK)


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