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The Cloud Terry: the evolution of an icon

The Cloud and the Cloud Terry might share a silhouette, but there are material differences between the two shoes. We take a closer look.


The Stories Behind the Shoes


The Cloud 

Engineered to be among the lightest fully cushioned running shoes in the world, the Cloud became a fan favorite right out of the blocks. First launched in 2014, it became an instant On icon. The Cloud then rose to greater prominence in 2016 as Swiss triathlon star Nicola Spirig wore the shoe to take silver at the Rio Olympic Games. The current, enhanced version of the original Cloud design was launched in November 2018. It remains the best-selling On ever. 


The Cloud
All-day everyday performance from the original Never Not On shoe.
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The Cloud Terry

Unveiled for the first time in March 2019, the Cloud Terry marked the return of a design that launched the experimental Cloud Edge series in April 2018. Featuring new materials, it pushed the unmistakable design of the Cloud to new levels of comfort and style. With its urban-inspired soft-touch materials, the Cloud Terry was then unleashed once more in the original Silver shade alongside all-new colorways.


Now looking edgier than ever, May 2020 reveals the updated Cloud Terry: Black + White edition. Experience the same snug feel but an all-new look, this is the beloved Cloud Terry made even more timeless.


The Cloud Terry
Iconic design, experimental fabrics, timeless colors. See the Cloud Terry in all-new black and white colorways.
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Material Differences 

The Cloud is engineered for maximum performance with minimum weight. The mesh upper ticks both boxes for breathability and comfort. The V-molded heel gently hugs your foot, for a close fit that doesn’t over-compress. For many, the Cloud’s most-loved feature is the speed-lacing system. This enables an easy slip-on with no laces to tie, yet still offers a snug hold on the run or on all-day adventures. 



The Cloud Terry combines the benefits of these Swiss-engineered features with experimental materials. With its city-inspired style, the Cloud Terry is intended specifically for all-day everyday performance in urban environments. It’s the unique comfort fabric of the tongue that gives the shoe its name. Terry cloth offers the ultimate soft-touch comfort here like it more commonly does in towels or bathrobes. However, this is terry with a performance twist, combining cotton with technical materials.  


Taking its streetwise look further, the Cloud Terry wraps the foot in vegan leather that’s smooth around the midfoot but features a perforated design around the heel. Another differentiator is the inclusion of loop designs featuring the On logo – one on the tongue and another at the heel, making the easy-feel step-in of the original Cloud even easier. 


Talking of step-in, the Cloud Terry features a small added surprise, with a dotted design on the sockliner. It’s a unique reminder that when it comes to Swiss-engineering, every detail matters.



Same Outsole 

Both the Cloud and the Cloud Terry feature On’s patented CloudTec® technology in Zero-Gravity foam. This ultralight cushioning takes the impact out of hard surfaces without adding additional weight. This is elite-athlete-level tech that also lends itself to all-day performance. For more on how CloudTec® delivers the unmistakeable sensation of running on clouds, check out our technology section.   


The fusion of energy return and impact cushioning that the outsole of both shoes provide, has seen them become the shoe of choice not only for runners, but the creative class and those who seek all-day everyday adventure.  


Discover the details of the Cloud Terry now available in Black + White.


The Cloud Terry in Black
Low-key style. High comfort design. A true icon back in all black.
The Cloud Terry in White
Soft-touch fabrics. Pure comfort and style.
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