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Every Runner Series: Fresh Air Fund

Playing outside among their friends, spending their youthful energy and exploring the neighborhood – sounds like the typical summer break for many children. Unfortunately, in the Bronx borough of New York City, access to the outdoors and safe recreation is not always a given. In order to ensure a safe and fun summer experience for these kids, a getaway is needed. Enter The Fresh Air Fund.


Since 1877, the Fresh Air Fund has been providing transformative summer experiences for New York City children and teenagers from underserved communities. With activities ranging from summer camps to weekly meets, the organization also encourages an active lifestyle. This Spring, On partnered with The Fresh Air Fund to bring a weekly track club to the Bronx.



The event gathers the local Bronx youth to engage in run centric exercises and games with an emphasis on building healthy lifestyle choices, the empowerment of sport, and team building. Fresh Air Fund alum and Tutoring Coordinator, Kayla Paulino, isn’t the only witness to the visible impact the track club has on the participants:


"Week after week we kept receiving positive feedback, saying that the kids came home happy, feeling like they got something accomplished, something done."


She hopes that these immediate benefits of running will entice the participants to embed the sport into their daily lives.



Running together, training together and playing together at the youth track club forms a close-knit group of kids that not only gain physical strength, but also become more confident, socially comfortable and open minded in their daily lives.


"Having On be part of our first back in-person program was a blessing for our youth and staff. After more than a year of doing things virtually, I was worried about how our children would engage with each other. However, through the tremendous energy the On coaches provided and engaging exercises, the children bonded and formed a team.", Camp Director Enrique Cruz concludes.


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