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Cyclon FAQs: Your Questions, Answered.

Got a question about the shoe you’ll never own? Take a look at these (potentially asked?) questions and answers below.


How is Cyclon good for the environment?


Simply put, it’s a zero-waste product. With a backloop system in place, we're able to reuse the materials so no products end up as waste.


A backloop system is much cooler than it sounds. Today, we have what’s called a linear model for the lifecycle of most products. That’s a straight timeline for a product that goes Make–Use–Dispose. And then it ends. We are dreaming of a different destiny for our products. In a backloop system, products become raw materials for new products. They literally loop back to the beginning. This is what the circular product lifecycle is all about. With circular products we have a zero waste (!) and a reduced impact on the environment. That linear line? Now a virtuous circle of Produce–Use–Reuse–Produce…


The launch isn’t planned until next year. Why sign up now?


We want to revolutionize how people think about running shoes. We changed the running game before with our CloudTec® technology and if it taught us anything, it’s that shaking the status quo can only be done as a team.


We believe the future of running shoes is subscription-based. But for Cyclon to succeed, we need the global running community to set the pace. We need to understand the demand so we can effectively plan production and avoid unnecessary waste.


Plus, it’s first come, first served, so the sooner you sign up, the faster you get be one of the runners in this revolutionary performance shoe.


Can I run in this shoe?


Yes, this shoe is made for running. Fast. The Cyclon running shoe is made for high performance at high speed whether you’re training or racing on the road.


This revolutionary material isn’t only recyclable but also ultralight. The upper is minimal, breathable and pretty much unstoppable. For the sole, we used a groundbreaking new engineering process to create a unique foam that returns energy like our teammate Roger (yes, that Roger) returns second serves. Swiss engineering means the zoned sections at the sole compress like Clouds to cushion your landing before firing you into a seriously explosive push-off. If you were looking for proof that sustainability doesn’t mean less performance ability, well, look no further.


How is Cyclon different to other performance running shoes?


The Cyclon running shoe is engineered with superior quality materials for unmatched elite-level performance. And it’s 100% recyclable. Pretty neat.


Cyclon comes with all the ingredients that form On’s signature running sensation.  It’s lightweight, comfortable, cushioned and responsive all at the same time. But there’s a whole lot more to this incredible shoe. Take a look at our Tech Profile to learn more about all the engineering that goes into creating a game-changing shoe of this caliber.


What is the shoe made of?


The Cyclon running shoe is engineered from two types of high-quality, high-performance polyamides. The upper is engineered from PA11, a bio-based polyamide derived from castor beans. The bottom unit is engineered from an equally high-performance polyamide compound called Pebax. Not only is the Cyclon running shoe majority bio-based, it’s 100% recycled and exceptionally high performance.  


Is the shoe Vegan?

Yes! The Cyclon running shoe is as vegan as a banana. We don’t use any materials derived from animals.


Is CloudTec® still part of the Cyclon?


Although the Cyclon running shoe doesn’t feature CloudTec®, we’ve engineered the sole with three unique compression zones. They might look subtle in comparison to our signature cloud elements, but they stay true to the composition of this unique material. These zones define how cushioning and energy return is distributed.


How does the Cyclon fit compared to other On shoes?


We took inspiration from our fastest racing shoes and equipped Cyclon with an extreme rocker shape and lean silhouette. We compare the Cyclon running shoe with the Cloudflow and the Cloudboom


If I sign up now, when will I receive my shoes?


The production of the Cyclon running shoe uses materials (beans!) and processes that have never been used before, so we don’t have a timeline to benchmark against. That said, this is not our first rodeo, and we’re on track for the first shoes to drop in Fall 2021.


If you sign up now, you’ll get to follow the whole revolutionary journey. You’ll be first to know when production begins, and we’ll keep you up to date on where we’re up to with your shoes. Plus, there might be a few treats along the way.


There’s only one way to find out.


So how does the sign-up process work?


Ok, let’s break it down. It might be a circular shoe, but the process is pretty straightforward. There are two main steps:


Step 1: You make a one-time payment during sign up


- To help avoid waste, we need to know exactly how many shoes to make. That’s why we’re asking you to commit with a down payment. When you register, your credit card will be charged $29.99. This is a one-time payment and will cover the first month of your subscription when the service starts (the moment your first pair of Cyclon running shoes arrive). It’s also your way of saying, hey guys, I’m in with you as a fellow revolutionary on this journey to change running shoes forever.


Step 2: You pay a monthly payment of $29.99


- When we’re ready to ship your Cyclon running shoes, we’ll check back and ask you to re-confirm your subscriber status by entering your credit card details once more.

- Once your first shoes arrive, we’ll start charging the $29.99 Cyclon subscription fee to your card.

- But wait, remember that down payment for step one? Well that covers your first month’s fee in any case, so you’ll only see a charge from month 2.

- We know circumstances change and life throws curveballs. If for whatever reason you no longer want to be a Cyclon subscriber, just reply “No longer interested” when we check in prior to the first shoes shipping and we’ll refund your original one-time payment, no questions asked.


Once my subscription is active, what happens? 


So, you’ve signed up, launch day has arrived and we’ve shipped your shoes!

- Run in your epic new shoes!

- Let us know when you need a new pair via your customer account (6 months is our benchmark)

- We ship you a brand-new pair of Cyclon running shoes.

- Take your new ones out and put your old ones into the same box. We’ve put a returns label in there so you can easily send them back.

- Run in your epic new shoes!

High-performance 100% recyclable shoes – at your (subscription) service.


How do I manage my subscription?


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive access to a portal where you can manage your subscription.


Here you can do handy things like update your address, add your shoe size, tell us you can’t remember life before this shoe…


How can I recycle the old pair?


You don’t need to worry about recycling your Cyclon running shoes because we do it for you! Whenever we send you a new pair of shoes, you ship your old ones back in the same delivery box and we take care of the rest.


How often can I exchange my Cyclon shoes?


On our mission to make Cyclon as sustainable as possible, we ask our subscribers only to exchange their shoes once they’ve been used for their entire lifecycle. We expect the Cyclon running shoe to provide you with unmatched performance up to 600km (that’s just over 3.5 Mont Blanc Ultra Marathons). That’s a lifespan of around 6-9 months so we’re happy to exchange your shoe twice a year. 


We’ll get in touch with you around this time anyway to see how you’re enjoying your shoes. Well, not really your shoes…


Can I purchase a Cyclon shoe without having a subscription?


We call the Cyclon shoe “The Shoe You’ll Never Own” for good reason. The Cyclon service wouldn’t meet our sustainability goals if we didn’t get them back. On our mission to use less virgin material, we need the shoes back to keep recycling them, so Cyclon is only available on subscription. But if you really want to purchase a high-performance shoe, then you’ve come to the right place. We have quite a few of those available too…


Can I cancel my subscription?


Once you’re signed onto the subscription service, you can cancel any time after 6 months. Once your Cyclon running shoes has arrived back in our warehouse, we’ll make sure you don’t get charged anymore after the 6th month.


Can I exchange my product?


At On, we take quality seriously and Cyclon is no different. This is a high-performance high-quality shoe, so in the unlikely case that it arrives faulty, you can let us know and we’ll exchange it as soon as we can.


And if the size isn’t right? We’re happy to exchange your shoes. But to get you running in your shoes as soon as possible, we recommend using the handy Size Finder tool on our website. 


There is a small chance that we won’t have your size in stock (that’s the nature of on-demand recyclable shoes) but we’ll try and get you your shoes as soon as possible.


What payment method do you accept?


At the moment, we only accept credit card payment. This ensures that managing your subscription is as simple as possible. 


In which countries will Cyclon be available?


Cyclon is available to all the countries we currently ship to on our webshop. We ship to more than 50 countries, but to check if yours is on there – head to the bottom of our webshop page. Is it on there? Great! Now tell your coworkers and friends at the running track all about Cyclon because it’s only possible to receive this game-changing shoe if your region reaches sufficient demand. It’s not very sustainable to ship only half-full boxes… help us out here.


What happens on my credit card once I subscribe?


After you’ve been charged the one-time down payment, we won’t keep your credit card details. You’ll only be charged the monthly subscription fee once you confirm you're still interested. Take a look at “payment step 2” above.


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