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Introducing our most sustainable apparel collection yet

Introducing our new apparel collection. Built for the runners, hikers and travelers who are prepared to get up earlier, go further and push harder in pursuit of change. More sustainable than anything we've engineered before, performance sits at the heart of it all, naturally.


Designed to support a better future, this collection is for the athletes and advocates helping to make that future a reality. In a series of short films, we explore what these changemakers are doing to repair and protect our relationship with the landscapes we all enjoy.




In the opening episode, we meet Jordan Daniel. A fourth-generation Indigenous runner, she’s the founder of Rising Hearts, a grassroots organization committed to elevating Indigenous voices.


Through her running, Jordan is able to reconnect with the land of her ancestors — land that is increasingly threatened by climate change and public development — and champion its protection and preservation.


Jordan wears the Zero Jacket from our new apparel collection.


Zero Jacket
Made from 68% recycled content, the windproof and water-resistant Zero Jacket weighs practically nothing, so you're free to give everything.
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True needs


In the second episode, we catch up with Oslo native, Hiking Patrol editor and Skyblazers member Patrick Stangbye.


For Patrick, the outdoors is a place of solace, as well as a source of inspiration. Running is his way of affirming that relationship. And it’s this connection that has shaped his desire to reduce his impact on the spaces he values so highly.


Patrick wears the Breaker-T from our new apparel collection.


Swiss-engineered to protect against the wind, the Breaker-T’s relaxed fit will keep you cool in the warmest of suns. Made from 24% recycled content, it’s the perfect partner for fuss-free adventures.
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Another mindset


In the final episode, we explore the world of Kesang Ball and Sam Blenkinsopp. Fueled by their love of travel, they co-founded Trippin’, an independent media platform that focuses on connecting cultures and communities worldwide.


Driven by a desire to help people explore the world around them with more purpose, the pair strongly believe that tourism can, and should, be used as a force for good. Their goal? To broaden our mental and cultural horizons, whilst doing as little damage to the natural and social landscape as possible.


Kesang and Sam wear the Active Jacket from our new apparel collection.


Active Jacket
Traveling light? The Active Jacket is all you need. Made from 100% recycled content, it punches above its weight when it comes to versatility and function.
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