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On Style Stories: The Cloudnova

We love to see the different ways you wear your Cloudnovas, so we reached out to a few Instagram creators to share the looks that caught our attention. From monochrome co-ords to simple layers and mixed textures, discover effortless ways to Hit Refresh on your everyday style, Cloudnova in hand.


When we asked our Instagram community to share their advice for styling the Cloudnova, we loved reading the responses and discovering the influences that inspired their looks.


Simple tricks like adjusting hemlines and adding a bright sock elevates your favorite everyday jeans. Those unique pieces you love but can’t quite find the way to wear them? Offset with our looks-good-with-everything White | Umber Cloudnova


Whether you like to experiment with bolder looks and new trends or prefer to reach for classic cuts and wardrobe essentials – the Cloudnova checks the boxes. 





"My style is mainly inspired from traditional, as well as modern European fashion trends because of my previous experience in working as a buyer for a fashion company. The Cloudnova works into my style because I also like athleisure wear and don’t limit myself to street / Hypebeast fashion.


"When I want to wear the Cloudnova, I try to coordinate so that I can see the whole shoe shape. I want to show the color combination and heel design. I like the new sensation of a softer, lighter touch and a fluffy feel of On compared to other mesh or knit upper sneakers. The Cloudnova coloring is also very fresh to me."






"I don’t think I can define my style as one specific style as it changes all the time depending on how i’m feeling. However, being comfortable is super important to me so i’m always wearing trainers! I love to color coordinate my outfits especially. 


"I specifically like the On running trainers as they are versatile. You can style them with either some straight-leg jeans and a simple top with some jewellery, or even some joggers which I have done!


I prefer to have an oversized comfortable silhouette for the bottom half of the outfit, and a nice fitted top to match, to feel comfortable but still keep that feminine look at the same time.


"It’s a shoe you can wear pretty much anytime on a daily basis. They make me feel very comfortable and like I said, to me comfort is everything!"






"Growing up in Canada and working with horses, spending my 20s in London immersed in the rich underground, and now Switzerland enjoying the outdoors has definitely had influence on my style DNA. So I guess my style is a melting pot of experience, environment and subcultures that I am drawn to.


"The Cloudnova fits into my style story pretty effortlessly. I reach for them almost every day. The black fits almost every mood and I’ve got the Silver | Orange for a bit of fun.  


"Denim, workwear and technical textiles are definitely staples in my everyday which fit the Cloudnova nicely. It’s a comfy, versatile shoe with an edge so easy to integrate and take some risks with!"






"I would say my style is simple with a little bit of an edge, I like wearing elevated basics. At the moment I am obsessed with shoulder pads! I also love playing with textures and materials. I’m really into midi skirts and sneakers at the moment. I have a few leather, cord and denim midi skirts that I love to pair with my kicks.


"I reach for the Cloudnova everyday! My worst nightmare is rocking up somewhere and I have the same outfit on as someone else.


On is newer to the lifestyle scene so I like wearing mine to spark a conversation and not to be wearing the same styles as everyone else.


"The Cloudnova is a silhouette that goes with everything. I never plan my outfit the night before so the fact that I can throw them on with whatever I decide looks good in the morning is a bonus."






"For me, the Cloudnova suits my ideal fusion of urban and outdoor. I like to think about the intersection between nature & street culture while keeping current trends in mind. I always give priority to earth colors and tones so my Cloudnova is effortless to complement my style choice."






"My style is based on high-quality basic items in muted colors, often with statement footwear to offset the look. I love how people notice and comment on my Cloudnovas, and the off-white and grey works really well with most outfits. The Cloudnovas are so comfy and light, I'll reach for them when I know I'm going to be out and about on my feet all day."






"I am a girl next door type! As much as I love to be out in nature, I also love to think about fashion and get ready for a dinner date. It should always be comfortable and sporty casual. 


"The special thing about the Cloudnova is that it can be easily integrated into outfits and combined with other styles, whether that’s with leggings and oversized sweater, or mom jeans and a blazer.


"I take special care to choose clean and minimalistic clothes. The cool thing about Cloudnova is not only the comfort, but also the variety of possible combinations as well as the high quality materials, which you can feel the first time you put them on."



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