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Running Remixed: The Podcast Series

Level up your training with our new podcast series and discover how leading athletes in different sports use running to boost their abilities. Plus, enjoy a workout based on their philosophies created by Hollywood trainer Don Saladino – who got Ryan Reynolds, Emily Blunt and Hugh Jackman into shape.


Welcome to Running Remixed on the Caroline Gleich Show. This special four-part podcast series is designed to help you level up your training by showcasing how a diverse group of leading athletes in different sports use running to maximize their abilities. In other words, what running remixed means to them. 


Best enjoyed while you're on a run, the podcasts reveal how the athletes live, work, train and use running. They all last around 30-45 minutes and they all end with a short but sweat-inducing workout based on the athletes' unique philosophies. Time to get stronger, go longer, remix your run.


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Scaling New Heights with Ski Mountaineer Caroline Gleich 



First up is our host Caroline Gleich. A professional ski mountaineer, activist and endurance athlete, Caroline has climbed some of the highest peak in the world (including Everest and Cho Oyu – the sixth highest in the world), finished ultramarathons and is a skimo (an uphill skiing and mountaineering hybrid) national champion. She’s appeared on magazine covers and in award-winning films, and even testified to US Congress about how climate change is impacting mountaineering and public health. 


Interviewed by her husband, Rob Lea, Caroline talks about being a ski mountaineer, the inspiration for her activism, some of her favorite adventure locations, how mountaineering with ADHD works, how recovery runs unlocked her potential for longer distances, her marathon and ultramarathon experience, how the Cloud X supports her ACL recovery, turning body shame into self-love – and a whole lot more.  


Make sure to listen to the podcast while on the run so you can try out our Caroline-inspired workout from Hollywood trainer Don Saladino. It’ll improve your overall athleticism, strength and resiliency and can be done with or without a resistance band. 


Coach Don
Don Saladino is one of the world's most in-demand and respected trainers. He's also a big fan of On. He knows what it takes to get some of Hollywood's biggest stars into the shape of their lives. So we thought he'd be the perfect person to create the ultimate running remixed workouts alongside our athletes.
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Find the Flow with A-list Choreographer Viet Dang 



In episode two, we hear from Viet Dang. Ethnically Vietnamese and raised in Switzerland, Viet has danced at the Grammys and for artists like Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake – to name a few. He’s also worked as a movement coach and has taught professional dancers, artists, actors and fitness instructors all facets of movement development and principles. 


Viet talks about moving from Switzerland to Los Angeles, his favorite part of being a dancer and choreographer, his affinity for language (he speaks seven), how dance can contribute to social change, what accomplishments he’s most proud of, what failures he’s made and what he’s learned from them, injuries and his tips for injury prevention and recovery, a typical day of training, his latest Wushu training, how he maintains freedom of movement and even his favorite types of food.


Our next Don Saladino workout is inspired by Viet’s unique approach to health and fitness. It can be done with your body weight and with a resistance band, and is intended to improve your overall mobility and core strength. 



Catch Your Wave with Gold-Medalist Pauline Ado



Pauline Ado is a pro surfer based in France. She was the ISA world Champion in 2017, and is a seven-time World Surf League European Champion. Now, she is training to get back on the World Championship Tour and represent France during surfing’s first Olympic appearance next year.


In episode three, Pauline talks about favorite parts of surfing, having a growth mindset, her greatest accomplishments, being on the world surf tour, her failures or setbacks, how she remixes her running as part of her training, how she discovered on, tips for recovery, maintaining a healthy diet while traveling, her tips for injury prevention, her activism and her upcoming goals.


The next Don Saladino workout is inspired by Pauline’s own training and is designed to work on posture and stability, while developing your explosiveness and core strength. Go for a run, turn on the podcast and finish it all up with a quick workout. 



Maximize Your Explosiveness with NFL Veteran Buster Skrine



NFL veteran Buster Skrine has played American football at the highest level for ten years. Currently, he lines up for the Chicago Bears but before that he played with the New York Jets and Cleaveland Browns. Originally from Atlanta, Buster is a father, an athlete, and entrepreneur.


In episode four of our Running Remixed Podcast series, Buster talks about his desire to become a dad, his siblings, balancing sport and family and business, his daily routine, tips for recovery, dreadlocks, musical tastes, how he discovered On, training for the Miami marathon, his sock preferences (or no sock preferences) and wishing people would do their own research to form their own opinions rather than just following others.


Inspired by Buster’s explosive movements and tenacity on the field, Don Saladino has put together a workout to improve your strength, speed and quickness. As always, it can be done with or without your LOOP BAND.


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