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The tech powering the new Cloudventure Peak

All-new technology elevates the next-generation Cloudventure Peak to new levels of trail-racing performance. We take an in-depth look at the shoe’s gravity-defying details.


Racing is the ultimate test. It’s a test of your abilities against the rest of the field, against the clock and against yourself. Trail racing then adds another formidable dimension – the terrain. This added and unpredictable variable perhaps makes trail racing the ultimate test for any runner. In such a challenge, you need technology made for this challenging environment that won’t become another variable. Enter the all-new Cloudventure Peak. 



The evolved Cloudventure Peak is Swiss Engineered specifically for the unforgiving environment of trail racing – combining the relentless grip of the Missiongrip™ outsole with the intelligent cushioning of CloudTec® in an ultralight yet durable design. 


Missiongrip™ + CloudTec®

A key evolution in comparison with the original Cloudventure Peak is the introduction of the Missiongrip™ outsole. Its “sticky” grip-rubber overlay covers the shoe’s specially adapted Zero-Gravity foam Cloud elements to fuse optimal traction with advanced cushioning. 


Five forefoot Cloud elements are carefully positioned under the metatarsals to provide cushioning precisely where needed and nowhere else – delivering soft landings without unnecessary weight. Weight becomes especially important on the trail, with elevation and incline already making gravity a heavyweight force to be reckoned with. Extending 2 mm longer than the other forefoot grip lugs, these Clouds also double additional grip elements on softer ground. 


Smaller grip lugs are arranged in an aggressive constellation to give you bite on steep climbs or softer ground. Their varied angulation is no accident – it’s designed to give you grip that follows the natural push-off motion of the foot for extended hold. 



Four larger Zero-Gravity Cloud elements at the heel are positioned to take the impact out of steep, rocky downhills, so you can take advantage of the release from gravity to reach the finish line faster. 


The Speedboard™

Every On shoe features its own distinct Speedboard™ design, carefully crafted to work with the CloudTec® technology to provide the desired performance and ride. And the Speedboard™ of the new Cloudventure Peak is more distinctive than most. 

As with all On shoes, the Speedboard™ sits between the foot and the Cloud elements to provide an efficient and explosive take-off every stride. But, unlike other Speedboards™, that of the Cloudventure Peak is specially adapted for the unpredictable demands of the trail.


Cloudventure Peak Speedboard™


Featuring a narrower mid-section and a split forefoot construction in a lightweight minimalist design, the Cloudventure Peak Speedboard™ is made for increased torsion ability. With the forefoot sections able to move independently, the runner benefits from extra flexibility and agility over uneven terrain. The design also allows the board to almost wrap around larger stones, giving better feedback about the surface so the runner can respond. Fast. 



The Upper 

The upper of the new Cloudventure Peak is engineered from the same breathable, fast-drying ripstop stretch mesh that trail racers loved in the original version of shoe. It plays an important role in keeping the overall weight of the shoe extremely low, yet is more than tough enough for mountain running. 


Immediately noticeable the first time you step into the new Cloudventure Peak is the all-new inner collar that ensures a sock-like fit and enhanced midfoot support. It hugs the foot for comfort, which can make the difference over long distances. Even more support comes from the elastic taped reinforcements visible around the upper. These provide the hold needed for flying over hilly ground and obstacles and mean lacing can be kept to a minimum. 



Support is a key feature of the new Cloudventure Peak from heel to toe. The stabilizer at the heel has a minimalist design provides additional hold, not weight. The black mudguard that runs around the full shoe, providing lightweight, flexible protection for when your foot scrapes rocks on narrow single trails or when stepping between two stones.


The outsole also extends to cover the toe box. Protection against stubbed toes is another important feature, particularly when legs lag a little in the final stages of high-elevation races. Also intended to remove trip hazards is the the elasticated lace loop on the tongue. You can safely store your lace ends here to keep them out of the way. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference when running at speed and altitude, where it goes without saying that tripping up is best avoided. 


Power your mission

Combining the latest in Swiss-engineered trail running technology, the Cloudventure Peak lands on the start line for launch having already proven itself in intensive testing in Alpine environments. Its combination of cushioning and grip in such an ultralight yet supportive frame make it ideal not only for trail racing, but also fast off-road training runs and hill repeats. 


But the best way to experience its unique off-road ride? Put it to the ultimate test yourself. Your next trail race is calling…

The Cloudventure Peak
The next-generation ultralight trail-racing shoe combining the traction of Missiongrip™ with the clever downhill cushioning of CloudTec®.
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