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Team On at the Wings for Life World Run 2022

Are you already part of Team On? Join us on May 8, 2022 at Wings for Life World Run and run for those who can’t.


The Wings for Life World Run (WFLWR) is unique in the running calendar.   


Runners around the world start running at exactly the same time.

100% of all starting fees fund spinal cord research.

There is no finish line. Just you, your determination and a ‘Catcher Car’ in hot pursuit. 


As a proud partner of the Wings for Life World Run, we’re ready to help you achieve the impossible; to unlock crucial advances in spinal research and to run for those who can’t. Join us and help raise awareness.


Who’s involved with Team On?


Engadin-based triathlete Philipp Bosshard will lead our team in 2022. Despite facing extraordinary personal challenges, he has already completed several Ironman triathlons. So we know his mindset, stamina and performance levels will be perfect for heading Team On at WFLWR.    



What does running mean for you?


Team On is a great opportunity for you to get involved in WFLWR, raising essential funds for groundbreaking spinal research. Philipp and R/O/C Crew member Lisa Kumpfbeck are just two of hundreds of runners who'll be taking part in an event that combines fun, friendship and camaraderie with the ultimate endurance test.


Just how far can you go when you're powered by the knowledge you're running for those who can't?     



Introducing Philipp…


Philipp Bosshard is a living example of the power of the mind. Given just a 9% chance of survival after a catastrophic workplace accident, he has battled back to achieve more than most people ever consider.


Despite suffering severe burns to 88% of his body and losing much of his ability to sweat, he is an Ironman triathlete with remarkable endurance. So when we were looking for someone to inspire Team On, Philipp was a natural pick.    



“The most beautiful thing about running is nature and freedom,” says Philipp. “It’s a chance to clear my head and concentrate on my body.”


He adds: “Running gives me great courage and strength for everyday life. It teaches you to always go on and not give up.”


But don’t be fooled. For a man who describes long-distance running as “beautiful” and “meditative”, Philipp remains intensely ambitious.  


“Never give up on yourself,” he says, “because everything is possible.”



Philipp’s training regime for WFLWR is driven more by his internal monologue than any specific pre-race achievements. He says: “The thought of running for those who can’t accompanies me in every preparation.”


As he reflects on his own experience, he knows the value of being able to compete. “After my stroke of fate, being able to be free motivates me in difficult situations. This is a race with great respect behind it. You can feel that. The solidarity is just beautiful.


“There’s a super atmosphere and a great respect for all participants. Whether you’re walking, in a wheelchair, or a super-fast runner, it’s all about the common goal. You can feel this great atmosphere with every step.”


His advice for Team On runners is simple. “Take it slow. Don’t run too fast. Run so that you can enjoy it, and above all – have fun!”  



Philipp will be wearing the Cloudflyer as he battles to stay in front of the Catcher Car for as long as possible. “It’s the perfect mix of comfort and speed,” he says. See the shoe.


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Meet Lisa…


Accompanying Philipp in Team On is Lisa Kumpfbeck, a Munich-based athlete, model, and member of the R/O/C Crew. “The nice thing about WFLWR is that you don’t just do something good for yourself. You’re directly supporting spinal cord research,” she says.



According to Lisa, running is a chance to explore nature, enjoy your own company, and build your self-confidence. “Some sports need a certain amount of planning, but that’s not the case with running,” she says. “You slip into your running clothes, lace up your shoes, and you’re ready to go right outside your front door.”


She adds: “If you run regularly, it will naturally show physically over time. A toned and well-shaped body feels good and gives you a good amount of self-confidence. The feelings of happiness after a run are also not to be underestimated.”


Lisa is also a huge advocate of running’s impact on our mental and spiritual selves. She says: “Long runs are mental strength training. You have to be your biggest fan when your legs start to get tired and heavy. But you can still unleash so much power with the right thoughts. And this strength you gain can be converted into so many areas of life.     


“During relaxed runs, I get into a flow feeling from which good ideas come almost by themselves. From intuition, a decision can be made on questions I’ve been debating for a long time.”



The accessibility of running to people of all shapes, sizes and abilities is what makes it so special to Lisa. “My advice for newbies is to choose a route you know well… and understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. First, try to develop a good body feeling. Try to find your pulse and feel when you are relaxed and when you are heavily loaded. You don’t have to go to the maximum in each workout!”


Lisa hasn’t set any specific goals for WFLWR, other than to run further than last year and ensure she has taken on enough fluids ahead of the race. Her training regime has been based on one critical trait: consistency.


“I’m really looking forward to running in Munich and hopefully seeing some faces from the R/O/C Crew. Sports events always have a very special charm.”    



Lisa will be wearing the Cloudflow for WFLWR, insisting: “This shoe gives me the ideal mix of support and comfort while providing me with a direct running feeling.” See the shoe.

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Secure your free entry for the WFLWR!


Ready to join Team On? Sign up today and get your free ticket for the APP Run. After receiving the ticket, please follow these four simple steps.

1. Visit the Wings for Life World Run website

2. Click ‘Teams’ and search for ‘Team On’

3. Click ‘Team Details’, then ‘Join this Team

4. ’Congratulations – you are now part of Team On!


There’s no cost to join Team On for the first 400 runners for Germany and the first 50 of Switzerland to sign up via the widget below and choose your country. Get your running shoes ready!