Where to meet
Balboa Bar & Gym
August 16, 2018
17:30 - 21:30

On Live Music Workout

Ready to light it up?

After a huge success of On's very first Live Music Workout, the event has travelled around the globe and is now finally coming back to it's birth place. 

Be the first to experience the new limited-edition Cloud X Ultraviolet at Balboa Bar & Gym. This high-vis mixed workout shoe is beyond light and made to move. Rock out as you work out with live music from Swiss sensations JAS CRW – it’s glow time.

This will be a workout not only your muscles will remember.

Choose from the following workouts:

5.30pm: A-TEAM by Malick N'Diaye

6.00pm: OUTDOOR MADNESS by Claudia Schöttli (this session will be held outside without live-music, but with test shoes)

6.30pm: BREAKLETICS by Leandro Fornito

7.30pm: CARDIOHOUSE by Michael Bredy 

8.30pm: KÖRPERBAU by Jerry Wieland


How to participate:

Click on the class you want to go to in the schedule above. This will redirect you to the MindBody sign-up. If you're already a member at Balboa - you know the process. If this is your first time training at Balboa, you will have to sign up the same way, but will not be charged.

Limited spots, so sign up fast!

Your chance to win the limited Ultraviolet Cloud X:

Sign up here!

Your chance to purchase the limited Ultraviolet Cloud X exclusively at the event:

Our partner We Run has reserved a number of this limited Cloud X editions that will be available to purchase during the event. Don't miss the chance to get your hands on a pair!

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Your On Team

If you have any questions, please get in touch through: events@on-running.com

*You participate on your own risk. During the event we will take photos and videos. With signing up you confirm that we are allowed to film you.

Balboa Bar & Gym

Balboa Bar & Gym - the Gym of the future is a cross-disciplinary lab for finding your roots and own elements. Stronger does not mean inflexible. Balboa’s body shape is a creative workout without conventions. Raw strength for a strong nature is the path of your empowerment. Body and heart go together, living and training too. Balboa re-invents the concept of fitness to create a new kind of urban exchange. Going in one more round when you do not think you can – as Rocky says – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.

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