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FAQ: THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease

Got a question about the launch of the latest shoe created by On and Roger? You’ll hopefully find your answer here.

FAQ: The Raffle


Why are you only releasing THE ROGER Clubhouse in a draw / raffle?

THE ROGER Clubhouse pre-release is an ultra-limited edition first drop to mark the arrival of our second shoe created with Roger Federer. With only a small number of shoes available, the draw is a way to give everyone who's interested a shot at getting this special edition.


What are my chances of getting the shoe?

THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease is an ultra-limited edition so it will only be a lucky few that land a pair. If you’re in the raffle then you’re in with a chance.


Will THE ROGER Clubhouse be available again? If so, when?

Yes, THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease is an initial pre-release and this silhouette will be available again in the near future, though not with the same colorway. Sign up for the On newsletter and follow on_running on social media to make sure you’re first to know about future innovations with Roger.


What is special about THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease?

This limited-edition prerelease features a unique colorway with gold detailing for a clean yet striking look. The dark tongue patch, stitch details and Speedboard® are unique to this edition too, as is the presentation box it comes in.


Why is entering the raffle only possible with a credit card?

For the drawing process we reserve the funds for purchase. This enables us to process your order directly if your entry is successful. Payment with credit card is the most straightforward way to do this.


What happens on my credit card as soon as I enter the raffle?

After you enter the raffle we will temporarily reserve the price of the shoe on your credit card. You will see this if you check the status of the credit card. The payment will only be fully processed if your entry in the raffle is successful. If your entry isn’t drawn this time, we will release the reserved funds within 24 hours.


Can I also buy THE ROGER Clubhouse prerelease offline in a store?

THE ROGER Clubhouse prerelease is available at selected retailers worldwide. Check this list to find a store near you.


When and how do I find out if my entry is successful?

The raffle ends at midnight on October 21st in whichever timezone you're entering from. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible afterwards to confirm whether or not you’re one of the lucky few to land the shoe.


Can I change or cancel my entry?

No, we’re afraid not – once you’ve entered the raffle it’s not possible to change or cancel your order. If there’s any questions we can help with before you place your order, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll help however we can.


Why is THE ROGER not available in my country?

We're really sorry, but THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease isn't available in all countries yet. Watch this space, the Roger will be dropping again soon and might come closer to you next time.


Questions About The Shoe


Can I go running in THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease?

THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease is a tennis-inspired sneaker designed to be worn all day. It features the award-winning CloudTec® technology you will find in our running shoes but it isn’t designed for running. The performance tech keeps the weight of the shoe low and adds cushioning for everyday adventures in urban environments. We’re pretty sure it will be the most comfortable tennis-inspired sneaker you’ve ever worn.


What is the difference between THE ROGER Centre Court and the Roger Clubhouse?

While the THE ROGER Centre Court plays with the clean lines of traditional tennis styling, the aesthetic of THE ROGER Clubhouse takes more direct inspiration from sneaker culture. THE ROGER Clubhouse features a vegan leather overlay on the upper for a more textured street-ready look. While the silhouette has a different style, it's infused with the same tech that takes every style in THE ROGER series to the next level in terms of performance and comfort.


Can I play tennis in THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease?

THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease is inspired by classic tennis designs but it’s not designed for playing tennis. As explained above, it’s instead designed for all-day performance off the court.


Is THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease vegan-friendly?

The upper of THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease is made from vegan leather, but complexities in the supply chain mean we can’t completely guarantee that every detail is 100% vegan. We’re working on this and won’t describe the shoe as vegan friendly until we’re totally confident in doing so.


How does the technology in THE ROGER compare with the tech in other On shoes?

Like all On shoes, THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease features our award-winning CloudTec® technology for lightweight, responsive cushioning. Unlike most other On shoes, the Cloud elements in THE ROGER Clubhouse and Centre Court are concealed when you look at the silhouette from the outside. Flip the shoe over, however, and you’ll see the individual elements that give the shoe its unique feel. From underneath you can also see the Speedboard®. This hidden plate flexes to return energy every step, working with the CloudTec® sole to create a unique agile sensation. The inner sock construction ensures distraction-free comfort while ventilation in the vegan leather upper lets your feet breathe.


Does THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease come with extra laces?

No, THE ROGER Clubhouse Prerelease does not come with extra laces.


How does THE ROGER fit compared with other On shoes?

We recommend to use the Size Guide to determine your recommended shoe size.


What was Roger’s role in developing the shoe?

Roger has deep knowledge of sports footwear and is also known for his personal style. He is putting both of these attributes to work in developing product lines at including reviewing our footwear products and offering his insights and opinions. THE ROGER Clubhouse is the second silhouette in a family of shoes we’ve Swiss engineered with the Swiss maestro.



Questions About Roger & On


How did Roger join the On team?

In the first instance, we noticed Roger wearing On shoes and reached out to him. That’s when we found out he was a longtime fan of On. And we were longtime fans of Roger. Over time a friendship developed and we got to know Roger. We soon realised that we had more than our Swiss roots in common.


What’s Roger’s role at On?

Roger joined On as an entrepreneur – an investor, an advisor and a true partner to the team.

Performance and style are the hallmarks of On products. Roger has deep knowledge of sports footwear and is also known for his personal style. Roger puts these attributes to work developing and reviewing all our ROGER products offering his insights and opinions. THE ROGER Clubhouse is the second silhouette in a family of shoes we’ve Swiss engineered with the Swiss maestro.


Is Roger quitting Tennis?

No way. Roger remains committed to the game that he loves. And we hope he’ll keep winning on the court for many years to come.


Will you be using the RF logo going forward?

No, we won't be using the RF logo. The RF logo belongs to Roger and we have decided to embark on this new adventure with a new look.