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Cyclon | How our subscription service works

In nature, all things come to an end. But nothing goes to waste. That's why we created Cyclon a circular subscription service for fully recyclable running shoes like the Cloudneo. Discover how it works today.


Nature is life in motion. The end of one thing is the start of another. Quite simply, where one thing dies, another is born. The introduction of plastics has seen this cycle cut short – with long-term effects. So, with the safety of the planet and all its inhabitants in mind, On has decided to step up and complete the circle to reduce our impact, while still cushioning yours.



An avid runner will change their shoes every few months, and a fresh pair needs to be ready to go when they are. Now, if there's one thing we know for sure, it's how to make shoes that go further and keep performance at its highest. To perform at our highest, we have to equip you with fresh unbeatable shoes and recycle them for you.


So, how does the subscription service work?


Here's everything you need to know about how we keep Cyclon in motion.



First things first, if you like the sound of getting fresh shoes every six months, then you're going to need to sign up online. Phew, the tricky bit is over. Once you're part of the Cyclon subscription, we'll get your first pair of recyclable running shoes sent out to you. (The first pairs of Cloudneo are on track to drop in Summer 2022.) After six months, you might be feeling the need to replace your well-worn and loved shoes. Not a problem. Hop back online and let us know to send a new pair to you. If your shoes haven't gone the distance yet, you can let us know at a later time – after all, this is a sustainability mission.



So how do you return your shoes? Easy. Pop them in the same bag your new pair arrives in and ship them back to us – for free. Once they make their way back to us, we wash and grind down the materials, ready to be transformed into new components. The cycle is complete. No unnecessary waste. No compromise on your running experience. 


"Circularity is the answer, and with our Cyclon subscription service, that choice is yours." 

– François-Xavier Dosne, Head of Innovation Business Strategy



While the industrial revolution brought much of what we know now as 'normal life', it was not a perfect plan. With circularity, we put back what we take from the planet. It's crucial to our survival and to protect the places we love to run. Our responsibility for the products we design doesn’t end when we sell it. It continues until the lifecycle of the product ends. This subscription service begins and ends with us so you can focus on your next personal best.



If you want to join us on the Cyclon journey then you can sign up today. 

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