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Dedicated to the Run

Dedication is different for every runner. From beginners to pro athletes, we’re celebrating dedication to the run in all its forms. 


“Dear running…”


What comes next is different for every runner. 


And for many runners, running means something different than it did at the start of 2020. For some, it was one of few constants in a year of unpredictability. For the many who started or rediscovered running, it was the start of a new journey. But wherever you are on your runner’s journey, right now it feels like running means more. So throughout 2021, we’ll be shining a spotlight on runners’ dedication to our sport in all its many forms. 


Every runner has a why. Every run has its own story. And it’s unique to each of us. There’s no one way, place or reason to run. And there are no rules when it comes to how far, how fast or how often. Just like we can dedicate ourselves to the act of running regularly, each individual run can be dedicated to something bigger. 


Starting with the film above, and throughout 2021, we’ll be celebrating the dedication and stories of runners from around the world, from first-timers to first-place finishers. 


Follow along in on our stories page and on social. Share your runner story with us using the tag #dedicatedtotherun. And discover our collection of selected shoes and gear engineered to help you get out there whatever your goals.


Let’s dedicate 2021 to the run. 


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