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Double Your Run: Discover the all-new Cloudstratus

Introducing the Cloudstratus and its revolutionary dual sequential CloudTec® system. This landmark On is Swiss-engineered for maximum cushioning and distance. For runners that demand more. More clouds, more performance, more run. Because mileage matters. We examine its innovative, distance-doubling tech.


Run further than ever before in the all-new Cloudstratus. Built to go the distance in absolute comfort, it’s all about the ultimate cushioned sensation in a responsive frame. Support without stifling speed. It’s running on clouds taken to a new level. 


The Cloudstratus
Twice the cushioning, twice the distance. Swiss-engineered for maximum cushioning. For runners that demand more. More clouds, more performance, more run.


More Clouds, More Distance 

The Cloudstratus is a re-enforced road titan. For the first time, two layers of CloudTec® offer hierarchical and sequential cushioning. The Helion™ powered rubber Cloud elements work in tandem, vertically and horizontally cushioning your foot upon impact then converting it into forward momentum.


The first, lower, layer of Clouds cushions every foot strike; ready to rebound forwards. The second layer further dampens impact and adds more propulsion. Twice the superfoam cushioning. Zero compromises. 


Helion™ 101
You were born to run, just not on hard surfaces. That’s why we created Helion superfoam. Lightweight yet durable. Big on rebound and temperature resistance, it does it all. Previously foams that promised massive energy return were the heaviest. Those that weighed less didn’t last as long. There was always a tradeoff. Until Helion.
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Slightly sturdier Cloud elements running along nearly the entire medial side of the shoe provide greater resistance than counterparts on the lateral side. True to our philosophy of not correcting your running motion, the Cloudstratus gently encourages you to take better control of your foot’s natural motion.


It’s a holistic solution that provides extra support. By collapsing at different points of your stride, the Cloudstratus aids the natural rolling motion of your feet, giving you a smooth, cushioned sensation from start to finish. And beyond.  



Anatomically Engineered Upper

The anatomically engineered upper of the Cloudstratus is made with movement in mind. Lightweight and supple, it’s optimized for optimum comfort - no matter how long you go. 


When and where your foot flexes, the shoe flexes too. Simultaneously soft and strong, the upper is also perforated to allow for breathability. There’s extra room in the toe box but no sacrifice on security or the hold that you need for long runs. More comfort, less distractions.



Double the Details

To the rear, an asymmetrical external TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) heel counter provides security and stability.


Internally, ribbing on the sock liner activates proprioception for improved sensory feedback, subconsciously stabilizing your feet (see photo below). Elasticated straps keep your tongue exactly where it should be. The only pressure you’ll feel will be from the goals you set yourself.  



A Star Feature 

High-comfort support was the goal with the Cloudstratus’ unique star lacing system. Evolved from that of the Cloudflyer, it’s designed for a secure and customizable fit and feel. 


A wider start point at the base of the lacing system means more mesh from the shoe’s flank is recruited when you tie them. Instead of tightening only across the top of the foot, the Cloudstratus’ laces have a stronger influence on the forefoot area for a supportive, wrapped feeling. It’s the ideal combination of sustained comfort and added control. 




Having the lace loops at an angle allows the Cloudstratus to follow the natural flexing motion of your foot as you run. Combining these loops with eyelets to connect the midsection to the forefoot produces an unrestricted, natural toe-splay. No painful bunching here.


Doubling up on eyelets gives you more choice. More customization and personalization. Lace your Cloudstratus the traditional way, go wide for more security or mix and match to find the configuration that works best for you. This innovation allows the shoe to adapt more to your unique foot shape. 




Clouds Connected  

In another first for On, the Cloudstratus features five rows of connected forefoot clouds. Linking Cloud elements together this way creates a greater distribution of pressure as your foot lands. Less impact, more running.  


The Cloudstratus is also the widest On shoe to date. The combination of the closed forefoot and the broader midsole further increases contact area with the ground, dispensing pressure effectively across the shoe. Keeping you in control from foot strike to the push off, and enhancing the effect of the Speedboard in driving you forward. 


After all, it wouldn’t be an On shoe without that hallmark spring in your step propelling your run.  



Tiresome training runs, extended escapes, urban dashes and winding weekend meanderings. With its comfort and lockdown properties, enhanced outsole and plethora of supportive technology, the Cloudstratus is aimed squarely at middle to long distance runs. 


It is the second On to feature Helion superfoam - after the very well-received urban running shoe the Cloudswift. Ideal for aspiring amateurs and elite professionals, heel and forefoot strikers, the Cloudstratus is perfect for heavier runners or those with wider feet too. 


Your first choice for cushioning and support that won’t slow you down. Go further, at the double.



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