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From Engadin to Mount Fuji: The Swiss Olympic Team Collection from On

When our Swiss athletes represent our country at the opening ceremony in Tokyo, they can experience their greatest sporting dream come true: taking part in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


And a long-awaited dream will come true for us too, as the Swiss Olympic Team represents Switzerland in On’s first Olympic collection. Designed with athletes. For athletes. And all of Switzerland.


“Even though it seems obvious for a Swiss brand to work with the Swiss Olympic Team, it’s anything but ordinary. So, we were all the more pleased when this dream came true.” – Thilo Brunner, Head of Design at On



Fun comes from function


When we design high-performance sports products at On, function is always our top priority. Constant consultation with our athletes means we - just like them - are always improving so we can support them as much as possible. This was our mission when we designed the Swiss Olympic Team Collection.


For us, function is closely followed in terms of importance by fun, attention to detail, passion for high-end materials, and the development of unique production processes. When you wear On, you should be able to perform well, feel good, and look good. This increases confidence - and confidence is key for all athletes.


At home on the road


Japan’s summer climate played the biggest role in developing this collection. When our athletes are on the go on the subway or the bus, air conditioning means cold temperatures. Outside, high temperatures and high humidity await. That’s why we adapted the materials and adopted a very airy cut. This means that the collection rises to the challenges of both extremes, and Swiss athletes can feel at home - even when they’re far away in Japan.



One Switzerland. Endless diversity.


Each Olympic Games is unique. And the current pandemic is going to make the games in Japan even more extraordinary. Swiss fans aren’t able to accompany our athletes to Tokyo. So the athletes’ journey plays a key role in the collection. With On, this journey begins in the Swiss mountains and leads the athletes to Mount Fuji in Japan. Two completely different countries with plenty in common.


Flags, for example: a white cross on a red background and a red circle on a white background. There’s no avoiding those two colors. But if you have the incredibly rare opportunity to design an Olympic collection for a country, you of course want to think beyond the classic realms of national flags.


All of Switzerland and the Swiss athletes themselves are incredibly diverse. We celebrate this with a broad palette of various shades and tones of red, which give the collection its name: Shades of Red. The red tones we’ve selected are all very sophisticated and paired with white details - from zips to logos to stripes that interpret the Swiss cross in a dynamic, athletic way. The only things missing are the medals, which are sure to complement these various shades of red perfectly. Another dream come true for our athletes.



We carry on dreaming. Together.


The wonderful thing about dreams is that they never end. That’s why we’re encouraging tomorrow’s athletes, today. We support Swiss professional sport’s future because we want to give something back to Switzerland and Swiss sport. We’re giving young athletic squads access to On products, guiding and advising them as they move into the Youth Olympic Games, European Youth Olympic Festival, and other sports events for young people.


We’re not doing this alone: we’re joined by our partners Swiss Olympic and Ochsner Sport. Without them, On’s first Swiss Olympic Team Collection would still just be a dream.


Explore the Swiss Olympic Team Collection now, and support Swiss athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo.


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