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We Run On Clouds. Do You?

However you run and whatever your running goal, there’s an On shoe for you. Let our community of elite and everyday runners help you find it.


All over the world, millions of people just like you are running on clouds. Whether you're chasing personal records, better health and fitness or maybe even just after your dog, there's an On shoe made to help you do it better.  


But don't take our word for it. Read what a few members of the ever-expanding On community have to say about why they choose to run on clouds or scroll down for a side by side comparison. 



The Cloudflyer 


Daikichi, 27, Executive Officer


"I'm a triathlete and I participate in IRONMAN every year. So my goal is to run 200km every month. I was seriously injured last year and I am still currently undergoing rehabilitation, so I worry about the strength and stability of my leg.


"The Cloudflyer gives me support and cushioning whenever I touch the ground. It is an indispensable shoe for me now because it reduces the pain of the injured leg and eliminates my anxiety."



The Cloudflyer is one of our most versatile shoes. Tough and durable but light and agile too. It can handle long and short runs, slow and fast runs, training and racing runs. It's part of our support range, so if you're looking for something to give you a little boost when first starting out or returning from injury, then this might be the shoe for you.  


Athlete’s Verdict: 

Right now, my favorite On is the Cloudflyer. It has plenty of cushion and support for my longer runs without weighing me down.

-Alicia Monson


The All-New Cloudflyer
Support for any runner and any running goal. The lightweight shoe with supreme support and cushioning.


The Cloudstratus


Mbuso, 38, Account Manager


"I am a social runner and I average about 50km a week. I like to do three 10km runs during the week and then a longer road run on the weekend.


"I do this to stay fit and healthy whilst maintaining a good body weight. I love my Cloudstratus as it gives me enough support for those quick short runs and more cushioning for those weekend long runs too."



The Cloudstratus features two layers of Helion™-powered CloudTec® for maximum cushioning. It's comfortable but responsive, making it ideal for the more ambitious among us who really want to push the distance. But if you're just getting started or even if you're a heavy impact runner, the impact protection and gentle support will keep you feeling fit and healthy. 


Athlete's Verdict: 

I love the Cloudstratus, it's a super-light shoe with amazing support. I can take it anywhere – roads, trails or track – and it always gives me what I want; a quality run. 

-Alicija Koniecek


The Cloudstratus
Maximum cushioning in a responsive shoe built for distance and pace. New runners often need a little extra support, making this a great option.


The Cloud X 


Lucie, 31, Personal Trainer 


"As a full time fitness professional, I've worked my way through an exhaustive list of running shoes, and truly, the Cloud X is a cut above all the rest. I find them endlessly comfortable, unbelievably light and they have retained their padding and shape despite the miles I clocked up during lockdown. Having hit my 5K PR in them, I can't imagine switching back to any other shoe." 



The Cloud X is a lightweight powerhouse. It's ideal for short and speedy runs, and for taking on high intensity mixed-movement workouts. It's made for those who workout and run. Versatile and agile, it works at home on the track, street and in the gym and in the office. So whatever you've got planned, it's more than capable of keeping up. 


Athlete’s Verdict: 

The Cloud X is so light and flexible, it's my go-to for walking to the store or getting out for quick evening run.

-Katie Schide 


The Cloud X
The all-new Cloud X is built to crush fast runs and mixed sport movements. Lightweight and ultra-reactive, it's perfect for taking your training up a level. Then another. Then another.
Get the Cloud X


The Cloudswift


Carl, 34, Photographer 


"Since my first run in the Cloudswift, I have logged countless miles in them. Doing everything from quick jogs to medium distance runs, even laps around the track. For me, the 'Swift is the perfect shoe when I want to go from logging a few miles to getting some cross training in. It also helps that they're incredibly comfortable, so I also wear them for a trips to the local market."



The Cloudswift is the ultimate urban running shoe. Light in weight but more than able to support heavy impacts, even on unforgiving asphalt. It was the first shoe to feature Helion™ superfoam, which is designed specifically to deliver a unique combination of energy return, durability and road protection. Make the concrete jungle your playground. 


Athlete’s Verdict: 

I love the Cloudswift. I almost refuse to run in mine because I don’t want them to get dirty. But really, they're great for running and look incredibly stylish. The best of both worlds.

-Carlos Villareal


The Cloudswift
Your companion for runs in the city. The Cloudswift was made for impact protection.
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The Cloudsurfer


Laurien, 32, Professional XC skier


"I am a professional cross-country skier and mainly go running in summer to stay fit during the off-season. For me, the Cloudsurfer is my little all-rounder. It’s lightweight and suitable for every terrain, and gives me good hold and cushioning during my mountain and road runs."



In someways, the Cloudsurfer is the quintessential On shoe, as the original Cloudsurfer brought running on clouds to the world. Today, the fourth-generation model is still CloudTec at its purest. Offering a cushioned yet responsive ride that’s great for training and racing. Comfort meets speed for a running sensation that’s unlike anything you’ll have tried before. 


Athlete’s Verdict: 

The Cloudsurfer is by far my favorite training shoes. I love pretty much everything about them. They're light, responsive, have the perfect amount of flex and cushion, and the drop is right where I want it. It looks amazing as well.

-Matt Hanson 


The Cloudsurfer
Designed for the ultimate road ride, the Cloudsurfer combines training-shoe comfort with racing-flat speed.
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The Cloudflow


Melissa, 20, Engineering Student  


"I'm a huge fan of the Cloudflow. Not just because of the style, shape and color, but also because since I started wearing them I’ve noticed they help me avoid injuries thanks to their lightness, great support and cushioning. I wear them for 10 to 15 km races, and also for track training."


The Cloudflow
The podium-topping, record-breaking shoe loved by elite athletes.
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The Cloudlow is the shoe loved by elite athletes. And no wonder when it's topped more podiums and won more medals than any other On to date. Lightweight and fully-cushioned, it works for training and racing. We built it alongside some of our fastest athletes, using their input to give it more kick, more comfort and more speed. We call it the shortcut to runner's high.  


Athlete’s Verdict: 

The Cloudflow combines stability and cushioning in a shoe that allows you to run really fast.

-Vicente Hernandez 



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