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Achieve predictable performance in unpredictable weather

Three guiding principles to help you guarantee results when you can’t trust the weather forecast.

Start with the feel-good fundamentals

Keeping up your running routine when the weather gets wild is all about preparation.  For starters, getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated and obtaining enough high-quality calories from a balanced diet helps you stay motivated and perform all year round. This gives you the feel-good factor to push on if the weather turns when you’re miles from home. Which takes us straight to the next suggestion…


Plan your route

Planning your route is even more important in unpredictable weather. Of course, the longer your run, the greater the chance that the weather will change. If you are mentally prepared for a set number of kilometers or miles, you’re more likely to go the distance if rain arrives. When the conditions could be against you, consider a route that covers several loops past your destination. That way, you always have the option to call it a day if the weather turns, or to take on another lap if the sun appears.


Dress for success

Feeling comfortable with anything the climate throws at you is also about selecting the right kit. In variable conditions, you need performance running gear that is warm when the temperature drops but light and breathable in case things heat up. Your outer layers also need to be a water-repellant shield from sudden showers. 


The On Weather Jacket balances all these requirements so you’re ready for whatever the weather has in store. Thanks to the ultralight Japanese fabrics used, you’ll feel protected yet weightless. If rain arrives during your long run, the jacket’s uniquely engineered hood can be neatly adjusted for perfect fit and field of vision at the same time, keeping you focused on your goals. 

“The On Weather Jacket looks great, is lightweight and offers great protection in the wind, rain or shine, while allowing you to move freely and train hard. It’s a great performance running jacket for all occasions.” 
– Great British long-distance champion Chris Thompson


Another option for weather protection with a feeling of freedom is the On Weather Vest. Water-repellant coating on the front keeps you moving forward if you run into rain and with your arms free you’ll always stride in style.  In addition, the pockets with waterproof zippers mean you stay relaxed about keeping your valuables secure and dry. The Weather Vest works perfectly layered over the Long-T for a protected yet ultralight running sensation, adapting to your run as the tempo and temperature rise and fall.

Wet feet put a dampener on any run, which makes the On waterproof collection the ideal choice if rain clouds are gathering. The Cloud for urban adventure, the supportive Cloudflyer for long-distances and the evolved Cloudventure trail shoe are now all available with full waterproof protection.  


The advanced On membrane is 100% water- and windproof. Swiss-engineered technology makes it highly stretchable, lighter and far more breathable than most other waterproof running shoes. Which means you can push the pace as the rain pours down. 


In summary, when it comes to running in unpredictable weather, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. With the right preparation and gear, you’ll be able to go the distance whatever the elements throw at you. 

The Cloudflyer Waterproof
Go the distance even in a downpour with this waterproof lightweight support shoe.
The Cloud Waterproof
For urban exploration in all weathers.
The Cloudventure Waterproof
The lightweight, fully cushioned trail-running shoe with the Missiongrip™ outsole and added element protection. In a word, unstoppable.