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Behind the design: The Cloud Hi Edge

Thilo Alex Brunner, Head of Design at On, explains the creative thinking behind the development of the Cloud Hi Edge.


When the Cloud, On’s iconic all day shoe, gets a suffix starting with “Edge” it always means one thing: that the design team in Zurich were invited to push the boundaries of this established silhouette. This has brought multiple interpretations, from new materials and textures to an evolution of the shoe’s original shape. 


It started with the original Cloud Edge, which later evolved to become the Cloud Terry, and continued with special editions like the Cloud Edge Moon – the fastest-selling On of all time. 





The next shoe in this experimental series is the Cloud Hi Edge. As the name suggests, this takes the profile of the cloud higher than ever before, creating a new mid-top profile. It’s a new breed of shoe, but stays true to On’s athletic spirit, according to Thilo Alex Brunner, Head of Design at On: 


“Running is in the DNA of On, and it will be forever,” Thilo explained.


“Our athletes have worn our shoes pre- and post-race for a long time, but what I like most as a designer, is that we now see people giving new life to On shoes by combining them very consciously with all kinds of outfits. This is what has inspired us to design the Cloud Hi Edge.”




At the same time, true to its name, the shoe pushes the edge of On’s established design principles and into new territory. 


“What brought the design team to the edge on this one was combining a very technical outsole with an upper that is inspired by two worlds – the world of performance running and the world of streetwear. What we have created is an entirely new silhouette.” 


“The new silhouette of the Cloud Hi Edge creates a impactful aesthetic. It also reflects the very explosive shape of the Speedboard® which gives you a perfect rolling motion and propels you forward.” 


While the look is all-new, the technology will be familiar to On fans. 



"The materials that we use on the Cloud Hi Edge speak a clear performance language. We use breathable and very lightweight materials on the upper and we have our full tech repertoire in the outsole.” 


"We have our CloudTec® technology and we have our Swiss-egineered Speedboard® for a perfect ride and we have a full rocker on this shoe. The rocker we used a lot on performance shoes, and it gives this shoe its very specific shape.” 




“The design language we applied on top of the technology however is not a pure performance one this time, but this specific model allowed us to explore the urban context a little more.” 


The result is a shoe that not only looks unique and makes a visual statement, but delivers the unmistakable sensation that only On’s Swiss-engineered tech can deliver. It’s a sneaker made for explorers – with a design that offers plenty to discover, according to Thilo. 


“I think the shoe shows a lot of love for details, which you should explore yourself.” 

The Cloud Hi Edge
The experimental edition pushing exploration in materials and design to the Edge.
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