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Changing runs in changing worlds

We return to the Swiss Alps where we tested the Cloudventure Waterproof in Autumn, to see how it goes running in Winter.

In late 2016, we ventured up the Swiss Alps armed with the new Cloudventure Waterproof, to test it through the trails and Autumn weather. Now, close to the end of Winter, we’ve returned the same spot in the Alps to run the Cloudventure through a very different looking world.




Photography: Patrick Güller and Adrian Pirlet


In the southern Swiss canton of Valais in Winter it lays everywhere. Of course, this is to be expected from an area that has over 50 mountains that exceed 4,000m each. This is to where we’ve returned with the Cloudventure Waterproof, except unlike in Autumn, this world is now awash in white and wisps of snow that are kicked-up with each step we take.


The higher we climb, the deeper the snow – each step breaking the perfectly flat, snow-covered surface and showing that we’re the only ones to have taking this path in some time. Still we push on, step by step closer to the summit and, despite the “run” slowed by the deep snow, our hearts beat faster awaiting the view from the top.


And so we climb and we reach the peak. Cold weather running gear on. Warm breath hanging in the air. A white world laid out around us that couldn’t be more alien to the world we saw just a few months before. Some people don’t like to run in the snow. Some people haven’t seen the sights we have on top of mountain that day…  


Looking back to when we were here in Autumn – the exact same spot - but surrounded by orange and brown and sun and warmth, it brings to mind an old running belief:

Run the same route day after day after day - but with open eyes and mind - and you’ll never run the same route twice.  

Running in Autumn and Winter through the same spot in these Swiss Alps, and seeing what looks like two different worlds, we couldn’t agree more – and can’t wait to return to these mountains with Spring.


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