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The bra fit guide

To get the job done, your sports bra should fit exactly as it should. Here’s how to make sure your bra fits in the sweet spot between comfort and support. So no matter the workout, you can get into it.


A comfortable, supportive, non-annoying bra? It shouldn’t be revolutionary … but it is.


The five-point fit check. Get into it.


1. The straps

OK, here’s what you don’t want. Falling down. Uncomfortably digging in. Getting tangled up or twisted when you’re trying to get in and out.


Securely laying flat against your skin? Able to slide a finger underneath? Get into it without pulling a muscle in your neck? That’s the stuff.


2. The back

If it’s too loose in the back, you won’t get the support you need. Too tight and you’ll overheat faster than a spin warm-up in a basement studio. Sitting fairly straight, flush to your skin, and not uncomfortably digging in is where the back of your bra should be.


Bonus fact: We designed the back of the bras using mesh that moves with you, supports, and breathes at the same time. Clever.



3. The underband

Think of the underband as your bra’s foundation. If that’s not right, the whole building’s coming down. What you’re after is a straight(ish) horizontal line all the way around your torso, and a firm fit that you can still get two fingers underneath. (Any more than that and you might end up with painful friction and compromised support.)


You’ll also notice the underband is wider than a lot of other sports bras.This is another way we’ve been able to maximize support, without compromising on comfort.


4. The cups

Each breast should be fully contained by the cups, and the fabric should be smooth against your skin. Any gaps at the top, puckering across the front, or splurging out the top or sides are all indicators of poor fit.


5. The underarms

Each side of the bra, under your arms should be snug-ish, with at least two fingers’ worth of space for optimum fit. Most of the support in the bra is focused on classic breast bounce (up and down motion), so the underband and the cup fit take priority over the underarms.


That being said, if you’re doing more dynamic movements such as HIIT where you need side to side support, a close fit under the arms is key.


Between two sizes? We’d suggest going for the smaller size for the best support.



Next? Time to move.

How your bra feels when you’re standing still is way different to how it’s going to feel during a run or a workout. Our designers created these bras for moving bodies, so go ahead, try it out. Jump and down, do some downward dogs, get some high knees on the go. Get into it. However you like to work out.


It’s also helpful to do this in front of a mirror so you can see what’s happening (you can’t always feel what your body is doing).


Why no cup sizes?

We designed the Performance Bra and the Active Bra with universal sizing (XS-XL, which correlates with 30A-40C) because the fabrics we’ve used are known for their dynamic properties. Basically, they stretch and move with your body – so each size accommodates a range of cup and underband sizes. We’ve tested them all on a large range of sizes to make sure they’re just as functional for smaller and larger cup sizes.


Of course, we know there’s still a long way to go with our sizing and it’s something we’re working on. Watch this space!


The Performance Bra
A high-support bra that doesn't compromise on comfort. (Really.)
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The Active Bra
A playful, strappy bra that’s just as at home on the mat as it is in a spin class.
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