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Explore Berlin and its surroundings with the Cloudaway Travel Agency

When wanderlust strikes, it’s easy to daydream of worlds far away. But at a time when it’s difficult to explore the planet safely and responsibly, travel takes on a different meaning and there’s never been more reasons to look for escape a little closer to home. That’s why we’re taking over and revitalising a traditional Berlin travel agency to help Berliners unlock incredible experiences, waiting right next door.


For a week in August, anyone can drop into the Cloudaway Travel Agency to unlock free adventures right on their doorstep, support their local travel industry and discover On’s newest launch, the Cloudaway, a hybrid outdoor shoe that’s the perfect travel essential for any getaway.  It’s time to discover a new side to Berlin. 


Satisfy your wanderlust with a fresh look at Berlin


Start your experience at:The Cloudaway Travel Agency, Sanderstraße 1, 12047 Berlin

Unlock local adventures from: August 25-29, Wed-Sat 11-19.00, Sunday 11-15.00



Drop by for your travel kicks


The On Cloudaway Travel Agency works just like a real travel agency but instead of booking trips abroad, we’ll offer the travel-hungry an alternative way to feed that need for new horizons.


Our Berlin experts are ready to arm visitors with slow-travel ideas and local insider tips. We’ll suggest stress-free city adventures, nearby escapes where you can linger longer and excursions with all the fun – and none of the fuss – of traditional travel.


It’s all completely free and visitors can sign up for the different experiences in person at Sanderstraße 1 from the 25-29 August, for as long as stock lasts.


Slip on the sustainable shoe made for any adventure


Everyone who drops by can also get up close with the Cloudaway, our all-new everyday travel shoe, designed with exploration in mind. 


Lightweight, durable and crafted for unbeatable all-day comfort, the Cloudaway packs light so you don’t have to. It steps up on any journey and leaves nowhere off limits. 


Sustainably-engineered from materials like vegan suede leather and recycled polyester mesh upper, it’s made for adventurers who crave new landscapes, new cultures, new experiences but want to leave a conscious footprint. 


It’s the ideal everyday travel essential whether you’re treading the urban trail or exploring wilder landscapes. 



Choose your adventure


The On travel team have handpicked an incredible selection of local, short-distance experiences to help Berliners re-discover their city and its surroundings. Here’s a taster...


- Visits to museums and art collections, like Boros Bunker & Julia Stoschek Collection

- Art Runs, curated easy-pace run tours discovering the city’s architectural and street art highlights

- Culinary experiences at Baldon in Wedding and newly opened Gaia in the Uckermark

- Shuttle services to the lakes surrounding Berlin


The experiences are on us. All you have to do is stop by the Cloudaway Travel Agency, sign up and enjoy.


Discover Berlin locals’ best kept city secrets 


We’ve also asked a couple of Berlin locals to share their most treasured places and hidden gems to inspire your own explorations. Whether you’re currently in Berlin or planning your next visit, browse through the tips below.


Visual arts and island escapes


Tsellot Melesse is a proudly born-and-raised West Berliner, who currently works in the city as a director and casting director. In her work, she aims to give the Black community a platform – be it in casting through representation, or in a film that explicitly focuses on telling Black stories. Despite being a self-described city girl (“or maybe because of it?”), she loves being part of the outdoor community and in her free time, she hikes as much as possible, preferably in the mountains.



C/O Berlin, Hardenbergstraße 22-24, 10623 Berlin


“I used to visit Ku’Damm with my mother every day as a child. Then as a teenager I’d spend time on the steps of the Gedächtniskirche. So the joy was great when, some years ago, my favorite exhibition house, C/O,  moved there. C/O’s photography and visual media space is one of my favorite exhibition venues because when I was a teenager, I was inspired by the photographs exhibited there.” 


Cocoon Hair & Beauty World, Hauptstraße 30, 10827 Berlin


“I was born in the Schöneberg district. For me, it’s the most beautiful neighborhood in Berlin. The main street is also home to Cocoon Hair Shop, which sells all the hard-to-find hair products you need as a Black person. My parents live directly across from it and I'm here at least once a week: it’s an absolute go-to store in the community; a true cultural spot.”


Pfaueninsel, 14109 Berlin


“An island directly on Wannsee, this is one of my favorite places since childhood. Wild peacocks just roam around freely, it’s crazy. A super nice place, and a secret tip for a first date.”



Bricks and mortar


Drawing inspiration from visual arts, film, and architecture, Jorge Alvarado is a 26 year old photographer from El Salvador based in Berlin. He’s all about seeing things differently, trying new things and taking risks. His goal is to create interesting photographs by using his surroundings. He views things with a cinematic eye – and creates scenes and new worlds within the one we all live. 



Shell Haus, Reichpietschufer 60-62, 10785 Berlin


“The Shell Haus is a classical, modernist masterpiece that stands tall as it overlooks the Landwehrkanal in the Tiergarten district. It was designed by Emil Fahrenkamp and built from 1930 to 1931. Over time, the wavy façade has become famous as one of the architectural highlights of Berlin.”


Bierpinsel, Schlossstraße 17, 12163 Berlin


“Built from 1972 to 1976, this tower's original appearance was supposed to resemble a tree. Standing 46 meters above the bustling streets of Berlin, the building's bright colors and particular shape famously towers over tourists and locals.”


Gropius Bau, Niederkirchnerstraße 7, 10963 Berlin


“The Gropius Bau is one of Europe’s most important exhibition venues with an outstanding international reputation. With its acclaimed contemporary and archaeological exhibitions, it consistently opens up new realms of experience.”



Browsing markets, bookworming and wild swimming


Writer, editor and photographer Octavia Bürgel has been a New Yorker for much of her life but “moved to Berlin on whim” in October 2019. Drawn to the city’s vibrant culture, she quickly found her feet within the creative scene and has become an important part of it. Now an associate editor at 032c Magazine, a content platform with an influential voice on music, fashion, visual art and photography, she uses her work and writings to investigate all the city’s cultural happenings — with a particular focus on the experiences of being Black in Germany.



Schillermarkt, Herrfurthplatz, 12049 Berlin


“Berlin has really fantastic weekly open-air markets. You don't have to look hard to find them but the most renowned one is along the canal at Maybachufer on Saturday mornings. Orbiting a central church, the Schillermarkt is a lovely place to meet friends, or go weekly grocery shopping. It is located just down the road from the famous Tempelhofer Feld (former airfield turned park) and lots of cafes, so it is the perfect Saturday morning meeting point.” 


Hopscotch Reading Room, Kurfürstenstraße 14, 10785 Berlin


“Probably the best way to describe Hopscotch is as a book-lover’s oasis. In addition to a sprawling selection of non-western English-language literature, emphasizing diaspora narratives and marginalized experiences, Hopscotch hosts workshops and events for a general audience.” 


Bernsteinsee, 16348 Marienwerder


“I have a deep connection to the ocean, but since Germany is largely landlocked, lakes will have to do. Luckily, Berlin is home to a huge selection of swimming lakes and ponds. Bernsteinsee – around an hour's drive outside the city – is one of my favorites. The vibe there is very clean, very quiet, and sandy – which is not the case for all of the lakes in Greater Berlin.” 



French feasts and forgotten venues


Paul Kominek is the creative director and co-founder behind acclaimed arts and fashion bi-annual “The Travel Almanac”. Since the foundation of the magazine in 2010, he helped to establish the publication as one of the most sought after fashion titles in Europe. Besides that, he works as art director for various clients and brands with TTA studio, the magazines in-house brand consultancy. Prior to those endeavours, he has been keeping himself busy as an internationally renowned DJ and music producer. This aided him to discover some of the most beautiful places around the globe. While he cites Japan and Mexico as some of his favourite destinations, Berlin, which Paul is calling his home since 2008, is an ongoing inspiration for his everyday discoveries.



Soviet Memorial at Treptower Park, Puschkinallee, 12435 Berlin


“The focal point of the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower park is a colossal Russian soldier stomping on a swastika and carrying a sword of Final Fantasy-like proportions. Despite this obvious show of strength and defiance, in conjunction with reef-laden tombs and red marble flags, the statue evokes a natural sense of calm. It is this confusing juxtaposition which makes the huge lakeside memorial the perfect space for observing one’s thoughts or the behaviour of disobedient skateboarders, who are sometimes seen riding the numerous concrete ramps and platforms.”


Racecourse Hoppegarten, Goetheallee 1, 15366 Hoppegarten


“Looking out towards the nearby woodlands and splendid skyscape, it is hard to believe that Berlin is just a short train ride away. Despite the natural beauty of Brandenburg’s Hoppegarten racetrack, investor Gerhard Schöningh knew he was in for a challenge when acquiring the cultural landmark in 2008. With that awareness came a vision: renovate the track and bring back the crowds that were once its mainstay. Although paint-shedding banisters and rusted girders still offer a glimpse into a troubled past, extensive modernisation works have brought Hoppegarten an unpretentious elegance, busy race calendar and an adaptability for other high-profile events such music and arts festivals.”


Heising, Rankestraße 32, 10789 Berlin


“The Heising family-run restaurant, nestled in a corner of West Berlin’s prestigious Ku-damm retail district, has been bringing memorable touches to dining experiences for more than 40 years. The German-owned business focuses on delivering classic French cuisine, such as snails and rabbit in red wine sauce, served on fine china in a homely, vintage environment. But as important as Heising’s menu and decor is the facade of grandiosity that the hosts carry off, from the very first moment one rings the doorbell to the heartfelt farewells of mother and daughter.”


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