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Running on clouds: On technology

On’s patented CloudTec® technology is engineered to deliver a soft landing followed by an explosive take-off. The result? An unbelievably light running sensation. And no compromise on cushioning and impact protection. In other words, running on clouds.



Soft landings 



Welcome to the ultimate lightweight running sensation. Cushioning that doesn't break your stride, but adapts to it. When you hit the ground with an On shoe, the highly adaptive rubber Cloud elements cushion both vertical and horizontal forces for a soft landing and start getting you ready to move forward.




Explosive take-offs



CloudTec® is the first system to offer cushioning only during the landing phase (when you actually need it). As soon as you strike the ground, the Cloud elements lock firm to form a solid foundation for natural, powerful propulsion. Prepare for take-off.  




A sole for every surface


All On outsoles feature the patented CloudTec® technology.



Helion™ superfoam

Helion is foam cushioning that can do it all. Advanced manufacturing methods fuse stiffer foam elements with softer sections to deliver properties previously only possible in independent materials. Helion is light on weight but big on energy return, responsive yet protective. It’s also resistant to temperature changes for year-round high performance. Helion is more than just a foam. It’s a superfoam. Helion Your Run with the Cloudswift








No two trails are the same. Embracing that unpredictability means a sole that can handle anything. Missiongrip brings trail-level toughness to the unmistakeable sensation of running on clouds. Varied traction patterns help you come to grips with rough and smooth ground to reach the summit in record time. The unrivaled cushioning of CloudTec then takes the impact out of steep inclines so you can own the downhill. Whatever your off-road mission, the Cloudventure with Missiongrip has you covered.  








Zero-Gravity Foam

Zero-Gravity Foam offers the ultimate in ultralight. Advanced abrasion pads ensure superior grip and add longevity to lightweight. Experience Zero-Gravity with the Cloud – an On icon for all-day, every day performance.







Rebound Rubber

The evolved first formula for running on clouds. Rebound Rubber is Swiss-engineered to offer a revolutionary, responsive ride.  And with low-abrasion durability we make sure the sensation stays the same mile after explosive mile. Experience the evolution of the original On experience in the latest iteration of the Cloudsurfer. 







Engineered speedboard design.



Forward motion powered by forward thinkingTogether with the Cloud elements, the engineered structure of On Speedboards supports the natural rolling motion of your foot.  From landing to push-off and onto the next stride, each promotes an active running sensation. Every Speedboard is adapted for each model, working in synch with the entire sole to ensure an experience that moves you. 





Our philosophy in four steps



In 2010 On set out to revolutionize running sensation. A lot has changed since then. But the core beliefs that have seen millions of runners around the world find more fun in the feel of their run are still at the heart of On's technology today.



1. Focus on cushioning, not correction



Running should be fun, not an exercise in self-control. Instead of correcting your movement, On lets you run how you were meant to run. On’s intelligent CloudTec® cushioning takes the first heavy blow off the street or trail and then lets you transition naturally to the forefoot, where the Cloud elements become firm for a stable and a powerful push-off. Cushioning, but only when you need it.



2. Freedom for your feet



On shoes don’t control your running motion with a rigid sole. Instead, a whole team of cloud elements on the sole actively reacts to your individual running motion. They have no predefined rolling line – instead, the cloud elements cushion your landing by adapting to your foot strike. This puts you back in control, empowering each runner to run how he or she is meant to run. 



3. Harness balance and momentum



Your running shoe should not succumb to friction when landing; it should transform your motion into forward momentum. The flexibility of the cloud elements, combined with the CloudTec® speedboard, facilitates efficient energy transfer from landing to take-off. Plus, On shoes are built with the landing sweet spot towards the mid-foot stance, naturally centered under your body, so that upon landing you are immediately ready for takeoff – good running form in action.



4. Running is a sport, not an illness



Just like in other sports, you can train away your running weaknesses to become a star performer. Flat feet and other deficiencies are not static but can be improved through training. For example, infants typically have flat feet and develop an arch naturally by running around. On provides a range of footwear that adapts whatever stage you're at as a runner, supporting your training to propel you to the next level. Start with the more supportive Cloudflyer, finish in the Cloudflash racing flat. And enjoy every step along the journey.