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Life of an On Ambassador: Jenni Dubman

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an On ambassador? Jenni Dubman is a rockstar On ambassador and community leader from San Francisco, CA. Here, she writes about her journey and recaps a recent successful event that she led from start to finish.


In 2017, I was approached about becoming a brand ambassador for On running, and on a whim, I decided I would give it a shot. I was a fan of their shoes, the philosophy, the brand and thought why not? I am not a brand ambassador for many companies, but I do represent few that I really stand behind and really (yes, in real life) use their product. Becoming an On brand ambassador has been one of the most fun and rewarding ways to really get involved and get immersed with not just a brand, but the whole running community.


I have been involved in the San Francisco running community for quite some time and have held brand loyalties over the years for some reason or another but what I enjoy most and what draws me in, is a brand that brings runners together in a unique way to really enrich the community and makes running fun. What I have found to be the most unique about the On ambassador program is that, while the ambassador group is small, it’s very involved and you get a lot of contact with the staff at the North American Headquarters. I have felt very much a part of the company since day one.


As an ambassador, I have attended many On events this year including a talk with two of the founders which was cool to hear about the company from their perspective and even got to hear some war stories from their very beginnings. I helped out and attended the San Francisco Art Run event during the summer which combined running, mural painting and a musical performance which was such a fun evening out with the running community, signed up for a trail run with another ambassador and I checked out their pop-up shop and attended a few events there. So when On gave me the chance to create my own event, not only was I thrilled, but I knew this had to be something really fun, exciting, and a little bit out of the ordinary.


The ambassador group was challenged to draft out a plan for an event in their own community and submit for review by a team at HQ. The winners were given a budget to bring their idea to life in their community. I drafted out a fun plan that involved shoe demos and a four person relay race around AT&T Park in January and called it ResolutiOn Relays. I really did put a lot of work into dreaming up my event and thinking of fun ways to make it successful and an event that the community would want to attend. I was pretty stoked to be chosen! In my plan I had an ambitious goal for getting 10 teams of four, but at one of the planning meetings I realized that goal may have been a little too ambitious and the local On rep and I decided five teams showing up at 8:30 am on a Saturday morning would be considered a win.



The week leading up to the event I was amazed every day by how many registrations we were getting! And by Saturday morning we had 11 teams! Over 40 people showed up and raced! It wasn’t just the amount of people that showed up that made it a success, but the event brought a lot of people together, introduced new friends and teammates, and it was an absolute blast  and everyone celebrated with post-race awards, a shoe raffle and donuts and coffee at our local Fleet Feet store.


I think it’s truly unique that On is willing to put some real investment in their ambassadors and give them an opportunity to be creative and show the running community how important they are to the brand. The running community in San Francisco is everything to me, I’ve become the runner I am today because of it and I appreciate immensely that On values community the way that it does.