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Lizzy Hawker's dream race that became a reality

Lizzy Hawker is a trail running legend. She ran the famous Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in 2005, having only received her first trail running shoes days before and won the race – and then won it another four times over the course of her career. And then, she decided to create a race of her own…

This is the race I always wish existed

While training for her UTMB events over the years, Lizzy grew fond of her training grounds amongst the highest mountains in the Alps called Monte Rosa. This was an area between the Swiss-Italian boarder hidden up high and near inaccessible to all but the most determined explorers. After her racing career, Lizzy continued to come back to these training grounds and decided they actually would make for the ideal race location – the race she wished existed all this time. So with this in mind, and with her being one of the only people in the world with the knowledge of the trail routes there, Lizzy created the Ultra Trail Monte Rosa (UTMR) in 2015.


The UTMR is a 170km track with 11200m ascent with views of the Matterhorn and a host of other 4000m peaks. Though it may sound gruelling, Lizzy says the incredible landscape that make up UTMR, as well as the physical, mental and emotional challenge runners will experience through the course make for an experience that’s out of this world. Before the 2017 event, we were lucky enough to head up to the Monte Rosa with Lizzy as the sun rose over the Alps to capture some of the landscapes and scenery race-goers will see first-hand during their run. 

On is proud to be part of the Ultra Trail Monte Rosa in 2017, which begins September 6 - 9.  Keep up with the latest from the event here and for even more images from this incredible race.

The Cloudventure Peak
Born in the Swiss Alps - made for the UTMR.
See it here