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Oliver Bernhard running tip Nº 1: set yourself goals

Advice on running from ex-professional running champion, coach and On co-founder Oliver Bernhard.


“At some point in your regular training you will need to set yourself some concrete training goals. These can be anything from taking part in a 10-kilometer run, completing a marathon or a triathlon, or simply running for a full 75 minutes non-stop. Whatever goal you choose, develop it into a vision and surround it with as many strong and emotive images as you can. Keep your goal and your vision to yourself – this is the best way to develop the urge and the determination you’ll need to achieve them.”


Olivier Bernhard has put all his professional athlete experience into the On range, and for those looking to build up foot stability, he recommends the Cloudsurfer.


The Cloudsurfer
Combine the soft landing of a training shoe with the explosive take-off of a competition shoe.
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