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On Athletes Share: The Best Running Advice They’ve Ever Received

We asked On Athletes to share the piece of running advice that has stuck with them on their journey to elite status. Whether you’re in need of a nudge to get you into your running shoes and out the door, or looking for tips on how to run your best race ever, we’ve rounded up 15 morsels of wisdom that are sure to help you get where you need to be.


1. Rachel Cliff


Run as fast as you can while still being relaxed. Endurance racing is all about who still has energy in the last few kilometers.



2. Tim Don


When you are hurting push some more.



3. Katie Schide


When I first got into trail running I read somewhere: “Ultra running is just an eating and drinking contest with some exercise in-between”. I take this to heart during races!




4. Chris Thompson


In a sport that relies on no-one but yourself when the going gets tough and empathy hard to find, I was once told – ‘if it was easy everyone would be doing it’. It struck a chord that if I wanted to succeed I’ll have to find it within myself the same as everyone else. 



5. Frederik Van Lierde


‘Cruise’ said to me by Olivier Bernhard. The first half of the marathon is all about feeling comfortable at a good pace. The word ‘cruise’ is a very good summary of that feeling and I’ll remember that one forever.



6. Guilia Senn


When you’re out of breath and your legs hurt like hell (just before the end), that’s when you have to really push the hardest to get your body over that finish line as fast as possible.




7. Andy Vernon

Be patient, train smart, and get a good coach.



8. Matt Hanson


Know your “why.” You are going to have training days and races where you feel great and everything goes well. But there will be plenty of days where you are tired and sore. There will be races where you go into a dark spot. Focusing on why I do this is what gets me through the tough times and helps me keep everything in perspective.



9. Matt Trautman


Focus on your arms when tired. Keeping a good rhythm with compact arm movements will dictate good rhythm, cadence and even efficiency with your legs. It also helps keep your mind present and focused on the task at hand.



10. Jesper Svensson


The best advice was to get my core working while I run. When I got that to work my body leaned forward more and I was able to run faster. But I had a hard time to get that into my run. I needed to work in the gym first to get the feeling from the core. Only then could I apply it to my run.



11. Jacqui Allen


In order to go faster use your arms and upper body while you run by drawing small circles with your hands to remain balanced.



12. Petra Kurikova

Don’t compare yourself with others. You are an individual.


13. Diego Van Looy


Where there is a will, there is a way. Go for it.



14. Alicja Konieczek


You have one body, treat it well.



15. Lesley Paterson


Relax and let your body move through space naturally. Don’t fight it.



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