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Our new packaging: another way to reduce our footprint

Out with the old and in with the new. We’ve taken another big step towards our impact goal and that meant rethinking and redesigning our packaging. See what we’ve been up to…


Materials. We can do incredible things with them. They give us endless opportunity to innovate revolutionary products, but we know that we need to use them consciously too. Our sustainability team assessed vast amounts of data and found that materials are responsible for up to 80% of our environmental footprint – which we know, is a problem. But problems are just opportunities to innovate for solutions. And we like innovating a whole lot.


As we introduce more recycled materials, reduce our CO2 footprint, and introduce circular systems for our products, it’s about time our packaging kept up. Plus, we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to design something beautiful too. 



First off, we want to get real with you about the numbers. There’s no room for ignoring the facts when we’re trying to impact the future of our planet. So here it is;


By switching to our new packaging, each year we’re projected to save at least:


– 7 tonnes of black ink

– 18 tonnes of paper

– 15 tonnes of plastic 

– and finally, 160 tonnes of CO2


Those are some positive savings we can look forward to, and also serve as a reminder that we need to continue investing in finding the best solutions – because it makes a real difference.


Here’s how we got there…



Why exhaust fossil fuel resources when we can give a second life to quality materials? This is an important design approach for our shoes and apparel and now, our packaging too.


Our shoe box, socks and laces packaging are all crafted from 100% recycled materials. And our apparel packaging from more than 99.9%.


Our Sustainability and Product Design team got seriously crafty with the plastic alternative too, using industrial waste to create delightfully smooth, light packaging that’s also strong and protective. 


And the best thing? You can recycle all our packaging again once you’ve received it. We know recycling facilities vary from country to country so check with your local council, or your nice neighbor with the well-maintained plants… they know.


“It was overdue to adapt the packaging to our overall sustainability strategy. Using 100% recycled materials while maintaining our quality standards took time, but we did it and we’re really happy with the result.”  – Viviane Gut, Head of Sustainability



PVC? I ‘ink not…


Our cardboard is not only 100% recycled, but certified by environmental organisations committed to protecting forest. And now, with less ink on our boxes, we have a significantly lower impact on the environment.


“Letting go of the all-black branding was a discussion for us. It’s quite bold I think, to do this as a young company. But when we looked at the numbers, it stopped becoming a question of if, and rather when,” says Maya Martin, Product Design. “The result is fresh, bright and optimistic and it still keeps the minimalistic, uncomplicated design we love.”


Exchanging our beloved all-black look for lighter alternative meant we were able to avoid a whole lot of ink usage. And the remaining ink we kept for the outer print? It’s a water-based alternative to previous PVC inks (that’s plastic-derived) which is much kinder to the environment.



Sweat the details


Did you know, the little plastic tag that pins through a pack of socks is called a “kimble”? Well now you know. Our new upgraded sock packaging means we don’t need to hang on to that anymore.


The same goes for the stickers and keep-fresh tab found inside our shoebox – we said goodbye to those too. Our new silk-based tissue wrapping doubles as moisture-protection and keeps your shoes protected – and let’s be honest, keeps that feeling of unwrapping a gift. To, me. Love, me.


“We looked at everything right down to the smallest detail. It all adds up when you’re shipping millions of shoes. By finding alternatives or removing these add-ons completely, we can reduce our waste even further long term.”  – Viviane Gut, Head of Sustainability


Getting with the times


For a company committed to innovation, you’d be forgiven for wondering why we still have paper return slips and envelopes. We added a QR code inside your delivery parcel instead (printed with water-based ink no less). Scan it with your phone or tablet’s camera et voila, easy returns and exchanges at the tips of your fingers and less waste to think about.


Just like those days of anticipation as you watch hopefully out of your window to see if your new gear has arrived – good things come to those who wait. We still have plenty of stock of our previous packaging and we want to use every last box. So you might receive a mix of one thing or another.


What will arrive? There’s only one way to find out.


Good things to fill responsible packages


For swift runs in the city. Now with a 100% recycled mesh upper.
The Cloudswift
Cloudrock Edge Raw
The undyed hiking boot with a high content of recycled materials.
The Cloudrock Edge Raw
The Crewneck
A super soft wardrobe essential made with 100% organic cotton.
The Crewneck

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