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Tech Profile: The Waterproof Shorts

Waterproof, windproof, breathable, durable, sustainable. Introducing the Waterproof Shorts. Your first line of defense against the elements.


There’s nothing worse than being midway through a run only for the weather to suddenly turn. The rain starts, your run stops. And not only are you left cold, wet and annoyed, but you’ve still got to make the trip back to wherever you’ve come from too. 


Enter the Waterproof Shorts. 


Built for wet-weather running and hiking, changeable conditions and trail running, they’re constructed entirely from sustainable materials that were chosen for their technical performance and their durability. 



Featuring a longer-cut profile for increased protection and fully-bonded seams for reduced chafing when running over longer distances, these hardwearing shorts are designed to keep you warm and dry even in the harshest of conditions. 


When you can’t rely on the elements, rely on them. 


100% Waterproof


Like the Waterproof Anorak, the Waterproof Shorts utilize a premium three-layer laminate membrane construction with a waterproof rating of 20,000 mm. For the sake of comparison, European standards state that a material is waterproof if it has a rating of at least 1300 mm. 


Together, the three layers make up a dynamic breathable system that is 100% water- and windproof and capable of standing up to heavy rain, wet snow and very high pressure. Even better? It’s all PTFE-free.


But when it comes to protection, more is more. That’s why the premium membrane is re-enforced with a PFC-free durable water-repellent (DWR) coating. Watch water slide away faster than your next downhill sprint. 



100% Windproof 


If you’re going to be hiking or running in adverse conditions, it’s vital that your clothing can help fight off wind chill which can be just as difficult to deal with as pouring rain.


A warming layer of air that usually wraps itself around your body can be removed in strong winds, making it seem far colder than it actually is. The Waterproof Shorts’ three-layer membrane counteracts this by locking out the wind completely.





Locking out liquid and wind is one thing, but what happens to the sweat and heat you generate on your run? Breathability is key. That’s why the Waterproof Shorts’ Swiss-engineered membrane harnesses both chemical and physical principles to remove perspiration from the skin as water vapor. 


Hydrophilic elements in the lining actively attract moisture and transport it away from your body to the outer layer. Ensuring stay-dry comfort while keeping your temperature in balance. So even in hot and humid summer storms, you won’t overheat. 



Still not sure? Let’s get detailed. The breathability of a fabric can be measured using something called a resistance evaporation transmission value (or RET for short). If an item of clothing has an RET value below 6, it’s generally considered to have good breathability. But the lower this number goes, the less resistant the fabric is to moisture transfer and the more breathable it is.


The Waterproof Shorts have an RET value of 0.5. In other words, they’re very breathable. 


And, together with the ventilating mesh panel at the rear of the shorts, it’s the ideal combination of protection and perspiration control. Shielding you from the rain and the pain of overheating. 



Modular Design


Dedicated attachment points at the hip let you layer up when things cool down. Sleekly-designed connection points mean you can secure the Waterproof Shorts to the inner tights of the Hybrid Shorts for a more compressed feel, or to the Tights Long if you want a little extra warmth or coverage. And, thanks to the attachment points' streamlined design, you won’t notice them.



Protective Pocket


To ensure that your essentials remain as dry as you do, the Waterproof Shorts have a zippered side pocket. It’s perfect for storing and protecting any smaller items that you might want to take with you.


With an inner made from a strong but stretchy fabric that’s designed to minimize bouncing around you can be sure that you’ll be able to walk, hike, run or race irritation-free. 



How do I wash them? 


To prolong the life of the Waterproof Shorts, we recommend you wash them only in cold water. Like all of our products, they have a care label attached with instructions for washing. So please always use this as a point of reference. 


We would also advise against putting them in tumble dryer, as we cannot ensure their longevity. If you want to regenerate the waterproofing, we recommend using a low heat iron. Again, please always respect the recommended care guidelines.


The Waterproof Shorts


The Waterproof Shorts are just one of many new items in our latest apparel collection. With everything from pace pieces like the new Race Shorts to activewear like the Active-T Flow and Active Tank, it’s got gear for any goals. New styles, new colors, same Swiss-engineered performance.


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