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Point2 London: Unleash Your Marathon Mindset

Running a marathon takes a special mindset. A never-give-up mentality to go the distance, no matter what gets in your way. So does chasing your dreams. We meet two inspirational London runners, Marina and Mike, who’ve learnt that success on the roads – and in life – means sometimes running through walls.


Brilliance in resilience 


A marathon isn’t 26 miles. Or 42 km. It’s 26.2 miles. 42.2 kilometers. And that point-two matters. Big time. It’s the extra that asks the big questions. Can you push harder to conquer your demons and make your dreams come true?


That’s why we created the Point2 London Marathon experience. To celebrate the mindset that takes you that step further. It’s for those who know there are no shortcuts. Those driven by the details with the power to run through walls.



Because success demands you go the full distance, whether you’re running marathons or fighting to make your dreams come true. And the biggest rewards are often found on the other side of discomfort.


Two runners who apply the marathon mindset to everything they do are Londoners Marina Mansour and Mike Key. Here are their stories.



Running for change: Mike Key


Twenty-eight year old, London-based production manager Mike Key knows a thing or two about comfort zones. And what happens when life suddenly bounces you outside of yours. Two years ago, aged just 26, he had a stroke. It was a lightning bolt that brought everything sharply into focus.



“The doctors discovered that I had a hole in my heart that had been undiagnosed since I was a baby. It meant I had to change a lot of things in my life. I had to slow down, I had to think about what was important to me, and I had to look after myself a bit more.”


Running helped Mike find the resilience to bounce back stronger. But his new-found Point2 mindset wouldn’t let him rest once he got back to health. Having transformed his life, it drove him to help others. And now he uses running as a catalyst for changing lives for the better.



“I felt like I had a higher cause than to just run for myself. I wanted to get others involved and do something good for charity. So at the start of 2021, I set the goal to run a half marathon every week for an entire year and raise money for a charity I found called Healing Little Hearts. They perform the same operation that I had, but around the world to underprivileged children who can't afford the operation.”


Mike now leads weekly social runs in London, helping people closer to home use how running to unlock a healthy mindset. And with a new-found strength to test his limits, he’s got big plans to spread the message further. 


Hit play to hear Mike’s incredible story of running, resilience and tapping into new sources of strength.


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Mindset for success: Marina Mansour


Marina Mansour started running at university. Since pacing her first tentative loops around her house, she’s made running a part of her ritual. As a woman of colour, she’s also battled tougher odds than most to build a successful career in an industry where men still dominate the top jobs.



At 31, Marina is now the Head of Beauty Partnerships at a creative agency, helping brands tell stories across social media. She’s also a leading force for change in the beauty community. Pushing through a different pain barrier to inspire generations to come.


“I've unfortunately been the only woman in the room many, many times,” says Marina. “And I think every woman in any industry would say they’ve had to work harder. I would definitely say my experience and something my female colleagues and friends agree on.”


“You could get really annoyed at the world and feel really defeated. Or you could be the change you want to see in the world and take it upon yourself to be visible, to be the change maker, to be challenging things. To be an example to the generations after.”



For Marina, tapping into the mindset that made her successful in the business world helps her running and vice-versa.


“Running helps you to persevere and go beyond your limits. To know that you are more than you think you are. To reach the edge and push yourself to go beyond it,”


“I think you do need to be determined, I think you do need to be very clear on what it is you want to achieve in both running and in work. And I think that clarity really helps to drive you and drive your success.”


Marina uses the mindset that made her successful in business and running, to foster a community of women who come together to challenge the limitations set on them. Hit play on the video below to hear her story.


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