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Riding around Switzerland for a good cause

Tom Alemanno has set out on a mission: to ride around the whole of Switzerland over 20 days – 1,700km total – all to raise awareness of the Green Hope Foundation against cancer.


A DJ by night turned charity cyclist by day, Tom Alemanno and his team, which includes fellow cycling enthusiast, singer and Eurovision star Sebalter, have set out from their home town of Lugano on June 18 and will ride until the end of their tour on July 8th. As proud supporters of the initiative, we were lucky to have Tom agree to hop down from the bike and drop by the On office as he passed through Zurich, to talk a little more about his motivations and the ride so far.


First off, Tom, thanks for stopping by. Now that you have found your stride, how has it been so far?


So we started in Lugano and those first few stages were hard to say the least. We had some Alps and tough inclines like the San Bernadino and Albula Passes (elevation of 2066 m and 2315m respectively). Before coming to Zurich we had Luzern to Olten and I’m happy as my body is going well and the legs so at this point, still ready for the rest of the tour.


What inspired this all – the whole journey around Switzerland?


Like Steve Jobs always said “connect the dots”. For me, that’s bringing together people and music and sport. Putting them all together I created this project to help others through the Green Hope Foundation. My big goal is to just let people know about it all, and I mean, even though I’m “just” riding a bicycle, it’s all for awareness of Green Hope.


How did you prepare for this all?


I started thinking about the project last year, and so all through winter I worked out preparing at the gym. From there, once the weather turned better, I have been cycling outdoors so yeah, many months of training to get here!

What was the hardest part of putting a project of this scale together?


Thinking everything through. You have to organize the team, how people can follow the project, the different aspects like language and you need to be clear with what you are doing and why, especially when it comes to charity. So this project is about spreading the word about Green Hope all through Switzerland. If we can raise some money for them along the way, great, but at the end of the day, we’re looking to help them in any way we can – and encourage others to do the same.


You touched on wanting to “connect the dots” and that music, alongside sport and charity, is hugely important to you. How does that fit in to the theme of it all?


A lot of people think electronic music and the night life it promotes is a “bad field” – drugs, vice, those kinds of things. So I want to show instead the power that music can provide. That’s why I ride with Sebalter, Ralph Nessa – music and sport together create a powerful force for good and for change, and we want to use it to spread the message.


And how can people get involved with it all?


Music Ride 4 Hope is a free-riding initiative, open to anybody. Anyone can join me on their bike for a stage or part of a stage and just ride and talk and enjoy. You can also come along with us at night if that’s your style. We have a few DJ sets in key locations as part of it all and some concerts. Finally, of course, simply donating through our website or spreading the word about it all on social media helps aid our cause.

Finally, what advice do you have for others looking to follow in your footsteps?


Everyone can do something for others. Whether it’s a neighbor, friends or family it’s important to remember we’re not alone. Even a small gesture can help someone live a better life - and all of us be better people.


You can follow and support Music Ride 4 Hope as they travel through Switzerland – join them and find out more here