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Run Your Local Mountain Challenge

On is here to change attitudes towards altitude. It’s the challenge to break new local trails. To find a new mission in familiar surroundings by looking up. It’s simple: scan the horizon for the highest point. Found it? That's your goal.

The Double Your Run challenge is On!

How it works:  

1. Visit your local retailer during the week of June 16-23rd to begin doubling your runs and have the chance to test out the all new Cloudstratus.

2. Track your running mileage each week and report your total to your retail store frequently, so that no mile is left behind on the #DoubleYourRun community leaderboard!            

3. Join our Strava run club and enter below for a chance to win the grand prize to be flown to Portland for a weekend with On. 

4. Always play it safe out there and be smart when upping your mileage.

5. Share your double experience on social media with #DoubleYourRun.    


How it works:

1. Run Your Local Mountain* and climb at least 200m between 10-12 May. 

2. Upload your run(s) to Strava  

3. Sign up here to be eligible to win some awesome prizes

4. The On team will get in touch with winners by the end of May.


*You don’t need to climb an actual mountain. Just gain 200m of elevation. Most GPS devices struggle to record inside so please go outside. 


How are we doing?  

Check the infographic below for updates on how we are progressing. Will we reach 10,000,000? Every meter matters!


10 Million Meters



There is a wide selection of prizes to be won - but exactly how many depends on all of us. As the collective total of meters gained reaches each million mark, a new set of prizes enters the draw. 


1 million: 3 x On Lightweight Caps 

On Lightweight Cap
Ultra-light has for hard-working protection.
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2 million: 3 x On Long-T  

The Long-T
The casual top that's high-performance. Style and performance that's never out of place, even on your mountain top, whether that's before, during or after your run.


3 million: 3 x On Performance-T 

The Performance-T
Soft to the touch, sweat wicking and so light you’ll forget you’re wearing it. This racing tee also dries extremely fast. Wash it after a morning training run, hang it up and it’s ready to go again the next day.
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4 million: 3 x On Weather-Vest 

The Weather Vest
Add another layer to your performance with the restriction-free protection of the Weather Vest.


5 million: 3 x On Running Pants  

The Running Pants
Engineered for just the right amount of warmth, with freedom and comfort that lets you move.
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6 million: 3 x Polar Vantage V Smartwatches  

Polar Vantage V Multisport Watch
Train smarter and discover the winner within yourself with Polar Vantage V, a premium multisport watch designed for pro athletes – and for anyone who trains like a pro.
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7 million: 3 x On Weather Jacket 

The Weather Jacket
This featherlight jacket folds into its own pocket to take up almost no space until you need it.
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8 million: 3 x On Cloudventure Peak 

The Cloudventure Peak
Lightweight trail competition shoe.
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9 million: 3 x On Cloudventure 

The Cloudventure
Our fully cushioned trail shoe with the added traction of Missiongrip™. Born in the Swiss Alps, ready for off-road missions the world over.
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10 million: Run On's Local Mountain

A member of the On team will contact winners before August. Winners will be chosen at random from those who opt-in after logging their Strava mileage. Prizes are awarded at the sole discretion of On, and are only available in markets where On ships to.