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Running 1000km in 1 month: the On runner profile

Australian James Dunstan – aka Ultra Jimmy – is a man on a mission: one thousand kilometers in one month. Undertaking the challenge in the On Cloudflyer, we ask him his plan for the month of running ahead.


As a member of the On Strava Club, James’s challenge is one we're proud to bring to light, profiling real On runners and their goals around the world.    


How I am going to do it? Great question: let me tell you in 30 days.

To begin with I'm hoping to crack at least 30km per day. Longevity and lasting the distance is the key to it. Broken up, I’ll do two runs per day, except of weekends, where I will do one long run. I’m hoping this will reduce the chances of any potential injuries. That said, I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of learning throughout the next month. 


My start in running was unorthodox. Cardio was not in my vocabulary. When I finished school in 2004 I lived at the gym - trying to lift the heaviest weights possible. My body weight went from 80kg to just over 105kg. Yes, I was one of those guys who mainly focused on their upper body. Why not, when leg day could always be tomorrow! What caused me to quickly change was an injury and the competitiveness with my brother-in-law. Having the bragging rights at a family BBQ goes a long way! 


From then to now: about to begin this one thousand kilometres in a month challenge. A challenge that to me seems unattainable, but that I’m hoping will power and a strong mind-set will get me through. Let's see after the 30 days are done.


James with family and after one of the first runs of the challenge. Follow his journey through Instagram @ultra.jimmy


Whether he makes it or not doesn’t matter: it's the fact he is willing to start and set out to try. Stay updated with the latest from James on his Instagram, blog or through Strava - and we will check back with him at the end of the month.

James’s shoe for the challenge
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