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Olympian Irene Cadurisch goes Back to the Source

Two-time Olympian Irene Cadurisch discusses the love she has for the mountains where she grew up. The same mountains where On was born. This is her back to the source story.


Irene Cadurisch has been skiing for almost as long as she’s been walking. 


The Swiss bi-athlete has enjoyed a life-long fascination with the sport and, having grown up in one of the most beautiful mountainous areas in the world, had ample opportunity to practice. 


An opportunity she had no plans of missing.  



Growing up on an organic mountain farm in Isola, between Sils and Maloja - and within sight of the On Mountain Hut - Irene dreamed of being a politician or a cross country skier. 


Her political aspirations are yet to be realised but she has certainly excelled when it comes to skiing.  


In 2014, she made her Olympic debut as a biathlete - a winter sport combining cross-country skiing and rifle shooting - at the Sochi Winter Olympics. 



She represented her country again in Pyeongchang, four years later. Claiming an impressive 8th place in the Women’s 7.5km Sprint


To this day, however, no matter how hectic her schedule as a practicing professional athlete gets, she has repeatedly made time to return to the mountains of her youth. 


The same mountains where On was born and where our first business plan was put together on a hike. 



As they were for Irene, the Alps have been pivotal in making us who we are today.


We go there for inspiration, for fun, to test products and to bring us closer together. They shape our technology, our products and our ethos.


In an intimate interview, shot in and around the Alps where she grew up, Irene discusses her own back to the source story and her relationship with the Engadin/Bergell area. 


Watch the video to hear her story or discover the Back to the Source story below. 


Back to the Source: The On Mountain Hut
On was born in the Swiss Alps. This summer, we are going back. Back to some of the most beautiful, challenging and rewarding natural landscapes on this planet. Back to the source.

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