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Taken to the Edge: Tiny Heirloom

As the tiny-home-building company behind DIY Network's "Tiny Luxury," Tiny Heirloom creates high-end custom houses on wheels in the Pacific Northwest. Striving to take a creative and fairly new tiny-home platform and make it exceptional on all fronts spurred the Tiny Heirloom team to come up with a way people can take ownership of the simple yet complex thought that “less is more".


The Tiny Heirloom team were speaking as part of the Cloud Edge speaker series. The ultra-limited edition Cloud Edge was made to push boundaries. The series features pioneers from a variety of fields that are taking their craft to the Edge. 

Q&A: Jason Francis, Co-founder Tiny Heirloom:

Where do you find your inspiration, your Edge?

It’s really through challenging and bouncing ideas off of each other. When us three guys get into a room and start brainstorming on a topic we get in a rhythm of creativity and have seen some amazing things come from that. We like to say that we assume nothing is impossible until proven otherwise. This has kept us innovative and has enable us to push past boundaries that shouldn't have been there in the first place!


To what do you attribute your success?

Well quite honestly I don't think any of us would outright declare ourselves successful yet. We've had more challenges and struggles than wins and successes but in return those difficulties have made us stronger and more creative. Any success we have had, we'd attribute to God as we truly couldn't have done it on our own. We like to say its Divine timing and intervention that has got us to where we are today.

What role does running / physical exercise play in your life?

We definitely enjoy staying physically active. Zach and I play on an indoor soccer team in Portland and hit the gym here and there. We find that getting out on the competitive field and running really helps us refocus and stay sharp not only physically but mentally.


What advice would you give to someone looking to take their work to the edge?

Firstly and simply put, whatever you do, do it with all your heart. Secondly, it's tempting to only look at what the market is demanding in the present, and surely that is important, but typically the public and market demands only look so far ahead. Its the visionaries who see what the market needs before it even knows it needs it. Thirdly, be different. Combine all those three and you'll find yourself on the edge.