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Tasha Bleu on Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Staying creative and inspired through a pandemic isn’t easy. We catch up with LA-based photographer and philanthropist Tasha Bleu to find out how she does it.


This year has been a challenge for us all, in more ways than one. Which is why one of the most valuable mindsets you can have at a time like this is the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. Tasha Bleu does exactly that; the LA-based photographer, producer and philanthropist has used 2020 as a chance to both reflect and grow, as a creative and as a human. 


The creative industries have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic and so it's understandable that the process of creativity has been shaken up too. But uncharted territory can be an opportunity for exploration, as Tasha tells us. “Abrupt change is an opportunity to change, and that is exactly what I did with the way I work: My creative process currently looks like a lot of reading, writing and logging.” The current situation has provided the chance to take things slow and reflect and for Tasha, it’s highlighted new elements in the creative process for her to focus on. “Storytelling and structure began to mean a lot to me so I decided to use storyboarding to help me play out ideas in my head and then I work backwards to execute the ideas that are brought to my mind,“ she reveals. 



Always searching for a silver lining, Tasha has managed to find glimmers of hope in what’s been an overwhelming year for most. “I think 2020 has presented us with a “pause” moment to be honest with ourselves, to stop our crazy fast-paced lives and re-evaluate our hearts and minds to see how we can elevate humanity as we keep moving forward.” The sentiment is infectious, perfectly capturing Tasha’s desire to spread her ambition and positive attitude through her work. “I encourage all of you to become the change you want to see whether you are running a marathon, running a pageant or even running a political campaign!” she proclaims. “It is time to step for a change. If you don’t do it, who will do it for you?”

Inspiration is the lifeblood of any creative endeavor, but even finding inspiration has been tough. “When I first started my company, TREU BLEU MEDIA® in 2010, I used to source my inspiration from traveling abroad, Tasha shares. “I was always booked for shoots in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Paris, London, and Canada - It was amazing!” But when travel is no longer a realistic possibility, what else can you do to keep yourself motivated, upbeat and full of fresh ideas? For Tasha, the best way to feel good is by doing good. “I’ve been able to still make a positive impact on others while working from home. I have been teaching virtual classes to girls with an interest in photography and drones,” she reveals. “I’m also super excited to donate sneakers to young girls affected by the pandemic this holiday season.”



When it comes down to it, true creativity is about challenging perceptions and pushing boundaries; both in your work and in yourself. Tasha is poised and prepared to take on any challenge that may come her way, so it makes sense that she’d gravitate toward our Cloud Hi Edge. Just like Tasha, this shoe is free-spirited, ready for the unexpected and able to perform under pressure, thanks to the fusion of CloudTec® and the stylish, streetwear-led design of the sneaker.


“I love challenging my clients to focus on elevating humanity,” Tasha shares. “I use the best instrument I have – my voice – in order to encourage my clients to focus on the real issues that matter, like body positivity, disability, diversity, mental health, sustainability, traceability, propelling women as a major force and inspiring youth culture. I am really passionate about empowering other women.”



Tasha is that rare breed of creative that thrives on using her work and platform for the greater good. “After contributing to the footwear industry for a decade, I realized that it was time to start looking at new and better ways to make a bigger impact on the world I live in through my work,” she explains. “For that reason, I decided to start researching the 3D printed prosthetics industry and it led to my desire to work with disfigured and seated body types. As global megatrends are rapidly shifting, differently-abled influencers cannot be left behind!”


Ultimately, the chaos of the past year has forced us to rethink our impact on the world and the legacy we leave on both people and the planet. Our priorities may have shifted, but they’ve allowed space for what truly matters to rise to the surface. In Tasha’s case, this manifests through her work. “I'm pleased and compelled to create more meaningful content. Probably, your life and your plans have taken an unexpected turn due to COVID,” she acknowledges. “You decide if these changes will paralyze you or will be an opportunity to recreate your reality, your work, your environment and your life."   

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