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Tech Profile: Introducing the new Cloudaway

A partner for your everyday routine and the consequent escape into the unknown. Wherever you plan on going, the new Cloudaway will hit the road with you. Developed as the sustainable basis for your next travel adventure, the lightweight and super comfortable shoe allows you to be as spontaneous as prepared for new discoveries and memories – no matter if far or near.


For many, waking up in one place and going to bed in another is the definition of adventure. Just up and leaving for new experiences and memories without a single hint of commitments slowing you down. 


Others enjoy the simple adventures of their everyday life without escaping it. For both of these experiences, the new Cloudaway embodies more than a capable companion along the way — it’s your ticket to adventure without limits.


“We wanted to create a shoe that is made for adventure in both urban and real jungles: flexible, versatile, and super easy to pack.” – Ruth Heenan, Product Manager


We created this shoe as a bridge between your everyday life and your next travel adventure. A shoe that single-handedly keeps up with whatever mission you’re on so you can focus on discovering new cultures, tastes, landscapes, and ultimately experiences.



Top-level comfort starts at the top


We designed the new Cloudaway adventure and all-day ready from top to bottom. But let’s start at the top, at the upper to be precise. Whether you simply spend your day on your feet or venture into the unknown, having a comfortable stand can be the reason you go the extra mile to see the sunrise up on the mountain or agree to meet an old friend after a long day. 


With a super packable, lightweight and breathable upper, the basis for your comfortable day is more than set. And to tread lightly on the environment too, it consists of 90% recycled mesh. But that’s just what the eye sees. Your foot however gets to witness the 100% recycled and plush lining as well. 


At this point, your foot has entered the slip-on construction and has felt the fresh comfort of the upper – now it’s time for your very own personalized fit. 


No, this doesn’t involve a visit from our development team. Neither do you have to use scissors and needles to create the perfect comfort for your foot. You actually don’t even need more than a single pull on the elasticated single-toggle lacing. It’s that simple. But also that comfortable.



Afraid to get your hands dirty? Not the Cloudaway.


Life – just like adventures – can be unpredictable. And sometimes, all that stands between you and great memories is a muddy trail that makes you reconsider your path. But, turning back is neither in your nature, nor in the nature of the Cloudaway. 


To maintain your through-the-roof adventurist mindset, we equipped the Cloudaway with a mudguard made from vegan suede. It’s doesn’t just contribute to your protection against damp and muddy trails though. The intricate stitching to the upper enables you to enjoy your journey in stand-out fashion as well – in the forest and on the streets. 


Talking about journeys, our journey down the new Cloudaway is moving along steadily as we arrive at the sidewalls. Sitting below the lightweight upper and mudguard, the mountainesque or wave-shaped sidewalls keep your feet in place. Especially if your path doesn’t follow a straight line. Because as we like to say: the best memories are made once you leave the trodden path behind and set your own course.



Memory-fueling tech


Just like a day hustling to tick the last item off your to-do list, outdoor adventures can always profit from soft landings and explosive take offs. And we happen to have just the technology for that. 


Your ever-energized steps begin when your sole meets the ground, kicking off the process in which our CloudTec® technology and a specially tailored Speedboard® work their wonders. The Cloud elements on the outsole collapse and soften your landing. Like a cat, they get low before exploding up once you’re ready to push off. 


But the CloudTec® outsole isn’t flying solo when it comes to powering your next trip into nature or the concrete jungle. As you push off, the hidden Speedboard® uses the flexion of your foot to capture and store some of the energy. The moment your foot is just about to lift off the ground, the stored energy is released for an explosive takeoff up the next mountain top, along the next beach or into the next karaoke bar.



Rooted in nature


After each step, the Cloudaway reveals another unique detail that shows where it hails from: the Engadine Valley. To be exact, the outsole features an embossed 3D topographical map of On’s birthplace. So, when your foot roots you to the ground, the root of our innovations follows you step by step. And a closed mid-channel on the CloudTec® outsole ensures you leave small rocks on the trail where they belong. 


To further reduce your impact on the trails you’re crossing, 10% of the rubber used for the 3D map on the outsole consist of recycled rubber. That results in a total content of recycled materials of 25-30% with 85% of the polyester used originating from recycled sources.


“Developing a multi-purpose shoe which also uses sustainable materials was a challenge. But sustainability is a journey for us and we are constantly improving with every product we make.” – Ruth Heenan, Product Manager



Fusing old and new into a timeless shoe


Kanazawa station in Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture is not just a stop, it’s a destination. The Tsuzumi gateway juxtaposes the station’s modern glass construction for a fusion of old and new. These moments of wonder inspire the limited edition Cloudaway Kanazawa – resulting in a design that elegantly combines elements of past and present. From the streets of Shibuya to the top of Mt. Fuji.


We kept the 3D map of the Engadine Valley – home of On – embossed on the outsole. But we took the upper around the world by introducing a shiny touch on the White and Frost colors with urban exploration written all over it. The metallic details on the mudguard and the striking outsole complete the industrial aesthetic that sets the Cloudaway Kanazawa apart from its outdoor-inspired counterpart in the Cloudaway.



Whether you choose the industrial design of the limited edition Cloudaway Kanazawa or roll with the outdoor look of the Cloudaway, the adventure stays the same. In your favorite city. On your local mountain. Overseas. Wherever ‘away’ is for you, the Cloudaway gets you there. Where are you going next? 

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