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Tech Profile: The New Trail Tights

An essential for any mountain exploration, the Trail Tights are ready for the highest peaks and most challenging trails. This is an in-depth look at the tech behind your favorite partner for big adventures. 


Conquering climbs is challenging enough without having to worry about whether you’ve got the right gear to help you reach your destination. That's why we've designed the Trail Tights to be your new mountain companion.


Swiss-engineered and featuring a grip print on the thigh for a helping hand to crush those tough inclines. 


Made with sustainability in mind, we designed these tights from the highest quality materials. Featuring a unique mixture of recycled polyamide and elastane that's durable and strong with natural wicking properties making it ideal for the toughest runs while having just the right amount of stretch for the comfort and freedom you need to move quickly up the mountainside.



Multifunctional, engineered to perform


Target the terrain effectively with the Trail Tights, giving you all the functionality you need to get into the mountains and scramble for the summit.


The clever silicone print above the knees provides a secure grip for your hands and offers reassuring grip for powering up a steep path, and a wide elastane waistband fuse functionality and comfort on big missions. 


Mesh pockets mean you can store the essentials you need, so whether it's an energy gel to keep you going on a long days on the trail, or the valuables you need for the adventure, you can bring them along for the ride. Plus, it comes with a hidden key loop in the back pocket to keep those valuables secure.  


"The Trail Tights have been designed with versatility in mind. With a slightly compressive fabric and cut just below the knee, it harmonizes comfort, agility and speed. It's ideal on the toughest terrain and longest trails. Made from 65% recycled polyamide, it performs on the same high level as our other hiking and trail gear and with a low footprint as part of our continued sustainability effort." – Monica Heiden, Senior Apparel Developer



Antimicrobial and quick drying


These tights contain anti-odor properties that slow the growth of odor causing bacteria, so your tights stay fresher for longer, even on multi-day climbs. Plus, with wicking properties, sweat and moisture are easily transported away from the skin to the surface of the tights for a quick-dry effect. So, you can keep pushing yourself on while staying cool and dry throughout.



Keeping your core regulated on the mountain


Designed and developed with all-weather trails in mind. These tights protect you and provide a barrier against harmful UV rays so you can be confident that your legs will be protected even when those long trails have you running outdoors for hours.


They are equally adept in colder climates and help you stay warm and protected by allowing your body to maintain its core internal temperature so that you can explore the great outdoors without fearing nature's forces.



Windproof. Mountain proof.


When we designed these tights, we made sure that they were water-resistant and windproof for those wet trails where you need extra protection.


The tights' membrane has been engineered with small pores where excess water vapor from the body can easily escape, but they’re small enough that droplets can't make their way back to you – clever, right? The Trail Tights are tightly woven, so the wind can't pass through either – so you can stay protected even when it's blowing a chilly gale.


Prepared for those unexpected light rains that come on suddenly, the Trail Tights are treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) that causes the water to bead up and roll off your tights. We use only PFAS-free DWR as part of our ongoing sustainability commitment.


Plus, they're great to add modular layering. The Trail Tights feature a modular connection system that easily allows you to attach the Waterproof Shorts or Waterproof Pants securely together so you can be confident that you have what it takes on the mountain, no matter what the weather brings.


The Trail Tights
For running and exploring on the trail. Made modular for easy layering with other On products.
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