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Tech Profile: THE ROGER Clubhouse

Meet the most expressive member of THE ROGER collection.


It might play on the same tennis-inspired silhouette as other shoes in THE ROGER series, but THE ROGER Clubhouse brings a very different personality.


THE ROGER Clubhouse gives you next-gen tech in bold nostalgic colorways. With a nod to the nineties, vegan leather overlays give you a little more sneaker than you get with other shoes in the franchise. Want to know more? Here’s the lowdown on exactly how the THE ROGER Clubhouse shapes up.



Textured Vegan Leather Upper


There are a lot of layers to this shoe, from the style to the tech. Taking that literally, the overlays on the upper are what make this a statement shoe. The block colors – borrowed from ‘90s sneaker culture – add texture and depth to the trend-led design. This is the shoe that breaks all the Wimbledon rules.


At the same time, THE ROGER Clubhouse is a tailored nod to the more robust aesthetic of old-school tennis-inspired footwear. It’s not all about appearances though. Inside, the performance sockliner is combined with an inner-sock construction for a snug step-in sensation and long-lasting comfort during long days and late nights.


The vegan leather construction delivers just the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort while keeping the lines clean and on-trend. Besides, vegan leather is significantly better for the planet than traditional leather (it has around 30% of the carbon footprint). And this shoe goes one step better than that. It’s chromium and PVC-free, and 100% of the polyester used for the mesh around the collar, the lining and the laces is recycled. See, looking good doesn’t have to cost the Earth.  


We wanted to come up with a product that would stand out from the inline collection and make a bolder statement. When it comes to the colorways, this iteration of THE ROGER Clubhouse is influenced by contemporary art and street style. - Linn Kandel, Senior Product Designer


The Secret to the Sensation


​​​​Forget everything you thought a tennis-inspired sneaker should feel like. While the look has been crafted to stand out, the comfort and performance of THE ROGER Clubhouse sets the step-in of this shoe apart as well.


THE ROGER Clubhouse features our proprietary Speedboard® technology hidden just below the footbed. If you flip the shoe over, you can literally see the bottom of the board underneath. Borrowed from our elite-level performance running shoes but adapted for all-day wear, this innovative plate flexes every time you step, loading and releasing the energy you create as you strike the floor. In running, this helps you go further and faster with less effort. For the urban explorers this shoe is made for, it means a lighter, more agile sensation with every step.


The Speedboard® is not the only hidden tech this sneaker is infused with. THE ROGER Clubhouse features our award-winning CloudTec® technology. Concealed on the outer of the shoe to retain the clean look of the silhouette, there’s no hiding the feeling of this patented system as you move. Hollow, individual cloud elements in Zero-Gravity foam deliver cushion against not only the vertical but also the horizontal forces of landing – something the one-piece cushioning of traditional tennis-inspired sneakers simply can’t do. Underneath, a herringbone traction sole means these high standards never slip, even on wet city streets.


Combined, these two technologies deliver ultralight comfort to take you further. That was the goal when we first worked with Roger on developing this series. THE ROGER Clubhouse delivers on the brief in an expressive street-ready aesthetic. It’s the next-level sneaker for people who have places to be. It’s for those of you who believe the game never stops.


THE ROGER Clubhouse
Designed in collaboration with Roger Federer. A bold, nostalgic look meets next-gen tech. Comfort, performance and style for long days. Or late nights.
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