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Tech Profile: The women’s exclusive Cloudnova Wrap

The Cloudnova Wrap is our first women’s-exclusive shoe – but won’t be our last. Designed for all-day comfort with a fit like no other, this shoe delivers on far more than just style.


Our Cloudnova is a crowd pleaser for a reason. So we took all the elements our community loves about it, like the CloudTec® cushioning, padded heel and street-ready design. Then, we levelled it up with a unique ribbon-lacing system and a layered, translucent upper – designed specifically with women in mind. The result? You’re looking at it. This is the Cloudnova Wrap. 



“We wanted to diversify our range and design something that caters specifically to our female consumer. We know that sneakers are an important staple in every wardrobe, so we wanted to offer a shoe with a unique construction and an easy on-off closure system to suit a busy, modern lifestyle.”

- Ruth Heenan, Senior Product Manager


Comfort, above all


When you’re on your feet all day, we know that being comfortable is your top priority. That’s why we made it ours too. The Cloudnova Wrap is equipped with our next-gen CloudTec® for long-lasting comfort and cushioning. Plus, the bespoke Speedboard® in the sole gives you an extra spring with every step forward. So whatever your day has in store, you’re ready for it.



If the shoe fits


It’s less a question of if, and more about how. A woman’s foot profile is distinctly different from a men’s one, so we designed the Cloudnova Wrap with that firmly in mind. Constructed from a dedicated women’s last (that's the foot-shaped mold we use to get the right size and shape), this shoe follows the natural form of the female foot for optimum support and a fit like no other. Our innovative ribbon-lacing system takes it one step further by holding your foot close, then locking it in with a secure fit – personalized to you. 


“We looked at a range of different references – from high fashion to dance footwear – to inspire and inform our ribbon lacing. That’s what led to the innovative wrapped closure system which, in conjunction with the heel padding, hugs the foot for comfortable all-day wear.”

- Ruth Heenan, Senior Product Manager



Step in, stand out


We get it, you’re busy. Whether you’re zipping between meetings, traveling to far-flung destinations, or just heading on the grocery run, you deserve a shoe that balances performance and comfort with style. The padded inner sock is soft and supportive; easy to slip into and so snug you won’t want to take these shoes off, even after a long day. The lightweight, breathable upper does more than just keep your feet fresh. In fact, the translucent layering on the Cloudnova Wrap is designed with a subtle gradient finish to keep you looking – and feeling – cool. And did we mention that ribbon-lacing system? Not only does it keep your foot securely in place, the zig-zag design adds an extra flair to the finish. It’s the shoe that’s as mutli-faceted as you are.


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