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6 best triathlon tips from Javier Gómez Noya

No triathlete comes close to the credentials of Javi Gómez: 5 time ITU World Champion, Olympic medallist, 9 time world ITU number 1 and, most recently, Ironman 70.3 World Champion (for the second time). We sat with Javi for his best triathlon tips and secrets to tri-success.

1. At the end of the ride, start visualizing the run

In Javi’s own words: “If you can, stretch during the last kilometer or so of the cycling route.” This helps you prepare for the transition to the run and activates those muscles in your legs that you may not be using – a smart way to literally hit the ground running.


2. Train for the race you want

If you’re shying away from longer distances, the World Champion suggests you rethink your mindset. “Longer doesn’t have to mean harder. Sometimes shorter is harder as it’s so intense and fast.” What matters most is having the right triathlon training plan and process in place for your goals, and following it through to make a reality.


3. Speed breeds speed

As the old adage goes, practice makes perfect and so if you’re looking for a new triathlon PB or to finish atop the podium with a break-neck speed, you need to be sure you go all out in training as you would on race day. As Javi says:

It’s simple: if you want to race fast you have to train fast.

4. No to negativity

Triathlon is a mental game. Your body is tired and tells you it wants to stop. This is where your mind comes in says Javi. You need to tell yourself you can overcome the internal voices telling you to stop, realize you still have another gear, and remind yourself that the competition is hurting too. Tell yourself you’re stronger than the other competitors out there and push through the negativity.  


5. Not over until it’s over

The sprint finish. One of the things Javi is most known for. His advice? When you see the finish line use that internally as an extra boost and think positive thoughts back to your training to know you can make it and that this is it. As Javi says:

No one is fresh at this point, so sometimes, it’s the tougher one mentally that will come away with the win.

6. When it comes to food, listen to you body

Before the race Javi recommends rice, eggs and sweets for both initial energy and ongoing. After the race his go to meal? Something salty, with pizza being one of the World Champion’s go-to favorites.

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