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The Home Run Series - “Kemigawa Coast” Japan

Incredible routes around the world that athletes call home - Hiromu Inada's Home Run.


The world’s oldest Ironman championship title holder.



Hiromu began running the Ironman circuit at the age of 77, starting with Ironman Japan in 2010. Since then, he quickly became a legend amongst the field, embodying the mantra "never too old". Now at the age of 83, he is the oldest competitor to successfully have completed Ironman races across the world, regularly putting in over 40 hours of training a week and showing the kind dedication many athletes a quarter of his age would be proud to possess. We managed to talk quickly with the incredible icon, asking for a few details as to his favorite running route in his home town of Tokyo. 

Hiromu after the 2015 World Ironman Championships


What is your home run?

Round trip course from Keisei Yachiyodai Station to Kemigawa Coast along the Hanamigawa River – approximately 21kms.


What do you love about it?

The course is uneven terrain, so it helps me to train leg muscles at every angle. 


What does it mean to you?

I feel good when running in the nature of the route – a connection.


What’s one tip for someone who wants to run it?

Relax and breathe the fresh air along the river while taking in the beautiful nature around – take that moment for yourself. 

See Hiromu Inada's home run below - or download it for you to run via Strava or Google.

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