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The human spirit

In the follow up to the Athlete Refugee Video “We Are All One” comes a deeper, behind the scenes look at what drives these athletes and why they run.

“I have a big hope: if I work hard I can change my life. I want to do better than this one.”

Running means many different things to different people. But to refugee athletes, many of who fled war zones and poverty and persecution, running means just one thing: hope. In this new video from On, as sponsor of the Athlete Refugee Team, the athletes share their ambitions for why they run now - and all that they hope it brings.

On is proud to work with the Kenya-based Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation, the home of many refugee athletes that have no other, and to sponsor the Athlete Refugee Team, having created their kit for 2017 in London and beyond.


Watch the original mantra video here - and show your support for the athletes as they compete on the world stage using the hashtag #WeAreAllOne.