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The new Cloud: re-engineered

The Cloud first launched in 2014. Since then, it has appeared on countless podiums (including the Olympics), won shoe and performance accolades (including Gold at ISPO) and become the go-to shoe for millions of active people worldwide.

With the new Cloud, our mission was to upgrade the model using the latest technology and innovation, while still keeping true to that original lightweight On feel. Below, we’ve outlined some of the major differences between the original and new Cloud, as well as a behind the scenes with On co-founder Olivier Bernhard.


The new sole of the new Cloud

One of the biggest changes to the new Cloud comes from below. The central channel of the Cloud has been widened, and the inner part of the cloud elements themselves angled away from the channel to create a “Y” like shape. This new design keeps the tread of the shoe freer from the chance you might pick something up on your run.


These newly shaped cloud elements also help promote the natural spiral dynamics of the foot, meaning you can last longer than ever wearing the Cloud (after all, it’s made to be Never Not On). They’re also more rounded for smoother transitions and roll motion.


Finally, increased size and number of grip pads along the heel and forefoot of the new Cloud (where the highest energy transfer occurs) better keep you in control in wet or wild conditions, or for any surprises underfoot that may come your way.



Inside upgraded

One of the things people told us that they loved most about the Cloud was the distinctive light-weight feel as well as the ease of slipping them on. Despite all the changes made, that feeling was paramount for us to maintain, and in some cases, even increase. One of the new parts of the Cloud helping do that is new sockliner inside the shoes.


Made from dual-density materials, this state of the art sockliner quickly adapts to your foot shape, making itself more securely fitted for the inside. It’s like having the sockliner of the new Cloud custom-made to your unique foot - always cushioned and comfortable in socks or not.


Another change has been the patented On Speedboard inside the Cloud being extended at the back to now come out from inside the shoe. This adds extra support for both the heel and newly shaped sole channel below.



New materials and details

On the outside, the new Cloud maintains a similar shape to what it has always been. The differences lay in the (many) details.

Speed laces – have had their ends dipped and covered to prevent the possibility of frays.

Elastic heel bands – are no longer needed thanks to the new V-molded heel and in their place, reflective strips let you be seen in low light.

Reflective logos – have been added and, like the strips, add another level of safety during night runs.

Lace loops – have been strengthened and redesigned for those who prefer traditional lacing systems.

Upper body – now is a single, smoother layer providing greater support and a cleaner look overall.



Made by runners for runners

The new Cloud has undergone more testing than any On model before. Since the original Cloud’s launch in 2014, we have gathered feedback from fans and runners of all backgrounds,  and have put it all into this new, re-engineered version. We would love to hear what you think of it, so feel free to share your thoughts in a review here – and here’s to running on all new clouds together.

The new Cloud
The world’s lightest fully-cushioned go-to shoe for all day, every day.
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