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The upgraded Cloudflyer: all that's new and improved

With the launch of the new Cloudflyer, we take a more detailed look at all the innovations and changes that has gone in to one of the most loved On shoes out there.


The Cloudflyer was built to support runners looking to go longer. Whether chasing a personal best or chasing a new longest distance, the beauty of the Cloudflyer always lay in the fact that any runner could put it on and just run without pain or problem.


When it came time to upgrade the Cloudflyer, we wanted to preserve all the things that made it such an iconic shoe, but add in the latest technologies and materials that simply weren’t available when it was first created. With the new model, testing has been incredible, with loyal Cloudflyer fans already falling for the new ‘flyer again. Below we look at all that has changed and why the new model has been so quick to fly out to fans.


The sole

The base of the Cloudflyer has always had the cloud elements with the biggest width. This is how runners always feel secure and supported from below. Wider clouds remain with the new version, and overall, the geometry has remained identical to the original Cloudflyer with a few minor adjustments for comfort. What has changed is the material of the sole itself to an even more cushioned EVA platform. Every step is now even more dampened from below, allowing you to go longer than ever in comfort.



The upper

The most visible changes to the Cloudflyer lie in the upper. Now, the majority of the outside of the shoe is a single piece of precision engineered material, adding extra stability and support around the whole foot, and using less materials overall to do so. Further adding to the stability, a new external heel counter over the back of the shoe acts as a centralizing point for the shoe as a whole.


At the top of the shoe, the iconic star-lacing system of the Cloudflyer has stronger loops and more elastic lacing to better adapt to the foot on the run. Behind that, an upgraded, plushier tongue has eliminated any discomfort to the top of the foot with seamless integration to the stable shoe-walls. The 3D mesh now allows for more breathability (perfect for those long runs) and to never feel suffocated while running in the shoe.


The Inside

Known for its amazing step-in feel, the inside of the Cloudflyer is where more changes for comfort have happened:

New dual-density sockliner built in part with memory foam means the shoe quickly changes to match your foot for an unbeatable feel.

Around the tongue, an inner elastic layer keeps the shoe snugly and securely strapped to the foot, so you always feel more connected and supported.

New levels of padding around the shoe’s collar, heel and ankle mean that step-in feel now is even better.


Where some may have found the Cloudflyer hard in parts, the updated version now is more cushioned all over. Put them on, run a marathon and still you’ll find it hard to want to take them off due to their comfort.

The Cloudflyer
The ultimate shoe for comfort and support. Make light of long runs.
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Overall, the Cloudflyer has been an incredible project for On, bringing in a huge amount of new technology while overall, keeping it the lightweight yet supportive shoe runners loved. Already feedback is coming through from runners around the shoe testing it for themselves – see what they have to say down the bottom of the Cloudflyer page here.

The Cloudflyer
A favorite On upgraded in an even lighter package. See the latest colors and details.
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