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The Sound Of Unstoppable

To celebrate the collaboration between On and Bang & Olufsen and the launch of the brand new Cloudboom, we’ve created a unique and powerful 8D Marathon Audio Experience. Plug it in, close your eyes and get ready for the start line.


From the moment you tell yourself you’re going to take on the 26.2 miles course, the marathon is an incredible experience. Months of training offer countless opportunities for small victories before you’ve even reached race day. Checking off small milestones, seeing the stats on your smartwatch improve, doing a little bit better than you did yesterday and a lot better than when you started. It’s a rewarding journey.


When race day arrives, everything you’ve trained for comes down to those precious few hours. It can feel surreal, exciting, overwhelming. Thousands of spectators, a sea of colorful runners stretching and warming up, the race course waiting quietly ahead for you.


A meditation-inspired visualization can be a powerful training tool to help you feel more prepared to take on a sporting event. Using immersive 8D technology, On has recorded a guided audio experience to take you through the sounds and sensations of a marathon.


And there’s evidence to show just how powerful sensory preparation can be. We spoke to Dr Michael Gervais, a performance psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working with world-renowned athletes and sports teams. 


“I'll create an audio file for each individual, whether it's meditation, mindfulness practice, breathing, or performance imagery,” says Gervais.  


“I'll walk them through a session where we'll do some cadence work on breathing. Or, I'll guide them through a pre-performance routine – something similar to the audio experience here.”


Dr. Gervais has developed a psychological framework that allows athletes to thrive in pressure-packed environments, using performance imagery as a way to prepare his clients for sporting events. “Performance imagery is the skill of creating a lifelike image, where you can feel and experience something that has not yet happened. When you create an image, you have the chance to open up – see, smell, touch and taste. It requires full commitment and focus to conjure up a free look at a future event.” 


We hope this audio experience will not only serve as a powerful marathon preparation tool, but as motivation and encouragement for you to crush it out there. Whether you’re a marathon veteran or marathon hopeful – this is for you. And if you’ve never run a marathon before? Well, perhaps next time you put on your running shoes, you’ll do so with new intention.


This is The Sound of Unstoppable.


Learn more about Dr. Michael Gervais by visiting where you can listen to his podcast, featuring authentic conversations with a range of guests. Or, download his newly-released Audible Original “Compete to Create”, a balance between science and stories that people can use to develop their own mental skills. 

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