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“We are all one”

To celebrate the Athlete Refugee Team and all they stand for, On is proud to present to the world a new mantra video entitled: “We are all one” - and a chance for fans around the globe to share the message and be recognized.


As revealed last week On is proud to be the sponsor behind the Athlete Refugee Team (ART), having created their unique athlete kit ahead of the meets in London over the coming weeks. Now, through a series of films, the refugee athletes have a chance to share some of their incredible stories and motivations behind why they run.


The films draw on how many of these young athletes who have lived through and escaped war, conflict and battle don’t use sport as competition, but as celebration. It’s not about ‘victory’ and ‘defeat’ and ‘enemies’ and ‘rivalry’ — anything but. For them, it’s an opportunity to come together to celebrate the human spirit and show that “We are all one” – a statement made by one of the athletes that has become a mantra for the Team.

“This is where I celebrate the human spirit” - submit your images


Alongside the films, a call-out is being made for people around the world to submit pictures via social media to support the Team. Open to anyone, all you need to do for a chance to have your work featured is share where you ‘celebrate’ the human spirit; unsung athletics tracks, gyms and roads around the world - and share it using the hashtag #WeAreAllOne. Those pictures chosen will be displayed at the temporary ‘On Embassy’ A.R.T. Exhibition at the Eight Club London in Moorgate (located here).


Renowned sports photographers such as Marcus Smith, Alexis Berg, Thomas Stöckli, Daniel Meuli and Janosch Abel, along with various On sponsored athletes will also be contributing to the exhibition. A charity auction night will be held for the submitted pictures, with all proceeds being donated to the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation.


Submissions via social media will be accepted until August 3 and will be displayed at the Eight Club London until August 11.