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Welcome Don Saladino Friends

Thanks for visiting us here at On. Find out why Don Saladino and millions of runners and athletes have switched to On and are running on clouds.

When working at scale, and at pace, both as a trainer and entrepreneur, this is the gear Don chooses for non-stop performance: 

Get to know Don Saladino

When hopes of turning college baseball into a big-league career didn't work out, Don Saladino knew sitting behind a desk was not an alternative for him. Instead, he set out to turn his passion for fitness into his career. Now a trainer for 20 years, Don counts some of the world's biggest celebrities among his client base. After helping turn Hugh Jackman into a fierce Wolverine, he became the go-to guy for big-screen stars looking to get 'super-hero ready'. Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds  – they've all been put through their paces in Don's Drive 495 fitness club and come out stronger as a result.

Thanks to modern tech, Don now shares his expertise virtually with a series of online programs. As Don puts it, "the most rewarding part of my career is that I can now work with, and help, so many people at scale. I can be in touch with people all over the world and watch them progress."

The Cloud X
A running shoe that can handle mixed-sports workouts, the Cloud X is Don's go-to. With the cushioning and energy return of Zero Gravity Cloudtec®, and a precision-fit heel cap, it's engineered for explosive movements in all directions.
See Don's shoe
The Tank-T
Ultralight and fast-drying, the technical Tank-T is ideal for training at high intensity. Its neat-cut minimalist design ensures a perfect fit whether you're pushing through a high-reps weight session or a tempo run.
The On Hybrid Shorts
The two-in-one Hybrid Shorts combine a comfort inner short with a technical outer layer. And they're fully Don approved: "Functionally, these are the best shorts I’ve ever done a kettlebell workout in."
The Long-T
The casual top that's high-performance. Style and performance that's never out of place, even in lower Manhattan, whether that's before, during or after your workout.
The Weather Vest
Lightweight protection to weatherproof your run or journey to the gym. Wear over the Long-T to create the perfect pair-up for staying active in changeable conditions.